The weather cleared and we traveled 50 miles to Barnegat Bay NJ




We took this picture in Sandy Hook the night before the Eclipse.  Unfortunately it was overcast the next morning so we didn’t get to see it.

We were up before the sun was today.  We left Sandy hook at 6:20 AM.  We sure miss those long days we had when we started in Duluth.  We had a lot more day to travel in.  We prefer to leave after sunrise and get before sunset.  On arrivals we get a chance to see our surroundings and get familiar with it.


IMG_4916 IMG_4917

When we departed Sandy hook we saw these people out surf casting on the point of Sandy hook.


We took a picture of this boat because we want to install solar panels later and we saw they are supported by only 2 polls.  They also had an external LP tank that would make it possible to install LP stove and grill.  Which we are looking at the possibility of doing.


Sorry folks, I misidentified the oldest light house in the US.  This is the one that was built in 1764 and shined it’s beam continuously except for a brief spell during the Revolutionary War as the oldest light tower in the United States.



This boat is the “Dragon Do”, it is Canadian and left Sandy hook at the same time we did on Thursday morning.  They also stopped her in Barnegat Bay and are parked next to us in the Bay.

IMG_4927 IMG_4929


These 2 pictures of New Jersey shore in the good old US of A.







This one is a bit more difficult to see, but!!  This is the Atlantic Ocean and ffffaaaarrrrr of in the distance (if you had very good eyesight you would be able to see Portugal due East of us.  Sorry but it was hard to resist how far we have come and how much we have seen.

Steve was driving the boat and I was looking towards shore.  We were about a 1 1/4 miles off shore.  Then I saw it!! A whale’s tail!! I only saw it for a second and it did not resurface so I do not know what kind of whale it was.  I was surprised to see a whale that close to shore.




This is a couple of pictures of the Barnegat Bay light house.

We had trouble with running aground again in the Barnegat Bay.  Poorly marked anchorages created a problem.  Fortunately another boat saw us go aground.  He brought his dinghy over and actually tipped us enough to get us off the reef.  Thank you Ed.

We hope to make Cape May tomorrow and get to the Delaware River.  It was a beautiful sail today with pleasant seas and good cruising.

“Living The Dream”

   Steve & Tammy


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