Oyster Bay through NY City on the East River then to Sandy Hook NJ



As we were leaving Oyster Bay we saw this house being framed and I thought of our son Rob when he would frame big houses.  This looks like quite a job.

IMG_4831 IMG_4830

Then we saw these Cormorants sitting on the buoy as we were going by.  Reminded us of people sitting on the shore watching us leave a port.


Then a picture of the Oyster Bay Lighthouse.

Oyster Bay Lighthouse

Oyster Bay Lighthouse

We have been having issues with the tide being against us from Gardiner Island to Oyster Bay.  So we spent time working with the tide tables the night before we left Oyster Bay to determine the best timing to leave Oyster Bay with the tide right then go to through the East River still having the tide with us.  We determined that we need to leave Oyster Bay between 6:30 and 7 AM and arrive at the East River at between 10 and 10:30 AM.  So it was really trying to understand the tide charts.  We got it right and had a great run.  I’ll give you the photo’s and details.


The outside seams on Genoa are streaming from the Genoa rolled and furled. Damaged when the furler came out. We had to roll it back in by hand in heavy rollers and 30 Knot winds. Not fun but we got it done.



They look like streamers off the Genoa. I hope to repair it when we get to Dale and Brandy’s if they don’t mind. I have all the materiel just need an open area to work on it.

We have it rolled up and tied down now until we get it fixed.


But anyway after leaving Oyster Bay we got to the East River.  we got pictures of all the bridges we had to go under.


Throg”s Neck bridge was first


White Stone Bridge 2nd


Hells Gate Bridge 3rd

Ward's Island Bridge 4th

Ward’s Island Bridge 4th

Queensburrough Bridge 5th

Queens Burroughs Bridge 5th


Wiiliamsburg Bridge 6th


The Manhattan Bridge 7th

Finnaly The Brooklyn Bridge 8th

Finally The Brooklyn Bridge 8th

That was quite a run.  We timed it perfectly and we hit speeds at up to 11 knots.  That’s fast for us.  We would have been going backward if we had been going against the tide.

Hells gate is an interesting name.  That is were the Harlem River and East River come together and we had our 11 knot speed.  The problem is white knuckle steering with all the turbulence caused were they come together and it gets extra dicey when a barge passes you at the same time and starts the wakes going.  But it was exciting and a highlight of our travels.

The Throg's Neck Lighthouse stands at the entrance to the East River

The Throg’s Neck Lighthouse stands at the entrance to the East River

IMG_4853 IMG_4851 IMG_4854

We passed this old wooden square masted boat going past us the other way.  They have a pretty good engine to run against the tide.  I’m guessing that was not an original part of this boat.

IMG_4864 IMG_4863

We saw this tram crossing the river at  Ward’s Island Bridge.

IMG_4867 IMG_4865

Looks like the ride center for the tram.


A fancy Animal medical Center just below the bridge as well.

IMG_4868 IMG_4870 IMG_4882 IMG_4883 IMG_4876 IMG_4869 IMG_4850

A few NY City skyline pictures we took.

IMG_4886 IMG_4887 IMG_4888

This was a dock with several old wooden boats at the landing.

IMG_4890 IMG_4889

The helipad on the river.  They were giving air tours of the Statue of Liberty.  They were busy looked like about 3 different companies.  They were so busy they never shut there engines off but just waited for the next group to come out and get on.  There was a sign on the dock that said “no mooring private property”.  As a pilot I couldn’t believe with 15 mph winds they were taking off downwind and lifting off right over each other.


Dredging out the Staten Island Ferry Landing. Remember last week one of the Staten Island Ferries went aground. Apparently they decided to dredge it out now. A little late!

IMG_4894 IMG_4895

Had to get a couple of closeups of the Staten Island Ferries


Then we got close up and personal to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

IMG_4901 IMG_4904

IMG_4906 IMG_4905 IMG_4903

After leaving NY City we headed south for Sandy Hook, NJ.


IMG_4909 IMG_4912

They have 2 lighthouses outside Sandy Hook NJ They are 250′ tall and Brownstone.  One was built in 1764 and shined it’s beam continuously except for a brief spell during the Revolutionary War as the oldest light tower in the United States.  We will get a few better pictures when we leave Sandy Hook.

So ended a great day with many miles covered.

Today we are staying in as they have small craft warnings out on the ocean.  This will be our first trip actually traveling on the New Jersey coast on the Atlantic Ocean.  We don’t plan to take any chances and will spend the day relaxing and getting a few items caught up.


Peace, love & sandy feet. #thefloridalife #beachquotes

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve

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  1. Love the pics of the Statue of Liberty!

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