To Michael Swanson



115_0058 AllSwatTeams IMG_1598 IMG_3917 IMG_9967 2 Leadership_6-2Nothing has been more difficult in our lives than loosing our youngest son Michael one year ago today.  We love him and miss him so much.  I will not let this be a day of grief but a celebration of his life.  To all the joy and love he brought to us.

Michael was a truly unique individual.  He saw life as a humble honorable gift.  He loved his friends and family and shared with them all he had.  I believe Mike loved simplicity.  He was not after riches of the pocket but riches of friendships.  He loved Taekwondo, learning, teaching, and sharing with everyone.

I will keep this simple, we love and miss you Mike.  I will not cry today but rather celebrate the life you shared with us.

To our children.  We love all of you dearly and now is a time when we share Mike’s loss with you.  It is the most difficult time for us to be away from you.  We want to reach across this space and be with you.

How do you put these thoughts into words that describe our love.  It isn’t possible for us.

We want to tell all of our children, their spouses, and grandchildren how much we love and miss them.  Tom, Mellisa, Brandon, Kaitlyn, Dawn, Emmett, William, Rob, Paige, Quinn, Cooper, and Beth how much we love all of you.  We love all of you and wish we were there with you now.  We hope you are sharing our adventure with us.  Please come along with us and share our dreams.

To our dear family & friends that supported us through the tragedy we thank you.  You helped hold us up through that difficult time.  Without our family and friends I do not know how we would have managed.

I’m sorry I am not a great writer please understand the meaning from our hearts.

Love to All,

Tammy & Steve

2 thoughts on “To Michael Swanson

  1. Thinking of you today and sending much love your way.

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