Making sure everything is ready to go.

We are completing all the finishing touches getting ready to go.  We are working on provisions, building a Bimini a cover over the boat while  you travel.  Keeps the sun out of your face to much and sorta dry in a storm.  (Pictures will follow in  a day or two.)

We are also crossing T’s and dotting the I’s making sure we are ready for the trip.

Gotta go now need to work on the Bimini more.



What are we doing

It’s time to explain our plans.

Adventure will be our transportation to Florida.  We will be leaving Knife River Marina the last week of July 2014


We will be traveling what is called the Great Circle

We will be leaving Knife River, MN the end of July.

The route will be across Lake Superior to the Soo Locks then down the Saint Mary River to Lake Huron were we travel South to the St Clair River, then through Lake St Clair then The Detroit River to Lake Erie.  Traveling through Lake Erie we will enter the Erie Canal and travel to Albany NY.  We then take the Hudson River South to New York City where we will pass the Statue of Liberty.  We plan to sail up the East River and go to Boston to visit our nephews.

Then we head South to Washington, DC were we hope to visit with my brother Dale and his family.  By mid October we will travel south using the Intercoastal Waterway to Florida.  The Intercoastal Waterway is an inside route that avoids the open Ocean.  We can do this in a safe protected waters.

We will attempt to keep the blog up to date with our available WIFI usage.

Say hi or ask questions.  We are about to leave and hope to keep everyone posted as to our were-about at all time.

Family Vacation in Wisconsin Dells

We spent the week of Sunday July 13th, 2014 to Sunday July 20th 2014.

What a great week.  A week of togetherness and family time.


Photo after the Lazer Tag game.  A great time Rob was the wounded warrior in the Lazer Tag Game with Black and Blue marks.

Brandon caught by Dawn

Brandon caught by Dawn


Paige laying in wait!!!


Quinn and Cooper in a shootout!!!!


Some cooling off (and drowning) in the pool at Christmas Mountain in Wisc. Dells


Moving to Knife River

On July 5th William and I moved Adventure yo Knife River marina,  About 20 miles from Barkers Island.  Knife River is about $250 a month cheaper and we can get to Lake superior after 10 minutes of motoring instead of 1 hour of motoring.

Tammy took the car up there and waited for us until we got there so we could get William home.  This is also the first time we towed the dinghy behind us.

IMG_2536 IMG_2534 IMG_2531


We are happily moved on board and living on “Adventure”

Fourth of July Weekend with company

On the fourth of July Rob, Paige, Quin, and Cooper came up to visit.

Rob offered to spend part of his time climbing the mast and doing the final check on operation of the lights. 

IMG_2515 IMG_2523

IMG_2514 IMG_2517


We also got the Dinghy ?? operational.  Thanks to Emmett, William, and Rob.

Anyone have any good ideas for the name of Adventures dinghy?


It was a great weekend with lots of family together.

Thank you all for being there!!!


Putting Adventure in the water

They picked Adventure up with a special trailer to move her through the yard

A special lift trailer moves Adventure through the yard.

A special lift trailer moves Adventure through the yard.

Launching Adventure 2014 7-1-2014 1-39-16 PM 2816x1584

Adventure gets strapped before being lowered into the water.

Launching Adventure 2014 7-1-2014 2-10-47 PM 2816x1584

Adventured is lowered into the water.

Launching Adventure 2014 7-1-2014 2-23-45 PM 2816x1584

Adventure is home in the water’s of Lake Superior finally July 1st 2014.

We checked all the thru hulls to make sure there were no leaks.  Yay no leaks so we can stay in the water.

We took her out for a systems check and everything was going well until the engine stopped two hours into the test run.

We had to be towed back to Barkers Island and wait until the next day to find out what was wrong.

When Barker’s Island looked they found a blocked fuel filter and water in the fuel.  Randy was the service fellow that looked at it and found several other problems with the fuel.  So after we broke out another thousand (BOAT) we got it fixed.  She is now ready for the season





Launching Adventure

We have been attempting to add photo’s to our blog.  It worked in several of the posts but not working now.

So I will update what has been happening over the last week.

We launched Adventure on Tuesday July 1st.  During the shakedown cruise the engine stopped on us.  So we had fuel problems and got that finished on Thursday.

Adventure is officially operating and sailing.  The thru hulls and all electrical is working.   William and I moved her to Knife River and that is now our home.  Tam and I have moved onto Adventure full time live-aboards. Although Knife River has very poor Wi Fi service so we will have difficulty with Email and the blog.

We will overcome that and get the Blog going.

Thank you for your patience and we will begin regular posting.