Catching up with the past week

It has been a difficult week for Adventure.  We didn’t initially report the engine failure, but everyone that has been following us should know all the details.

We began Monday morning September 22nd, leaving Winthrop marina.  About 10 seconds after we cast off the line the engine quit.  We managed to get enough sail out to maneuver around all the other boats in the mooring and head for open water.  Just before we entered the channel a Towboat with barge entered from the other side and forced us outside the channel.  Going outside the channel ran us aground.  Adventure’s keel was stuck in the mud and the tide was starting to go out.  We were in trouble so we called the coast guard and then a Seatow to pull us out.  They came to our rescue but not cheaply.  The tow was $640 alone then we had to get a mechanic to fix the engine.    We replaced the fuel filter and then got it started again after about an hour.

So we wound up staying in Winthrop an additional 2 days.  We made good use of the time getting things stored and provisions aboard.

We finally left again on Wed morning the 24th of September.  It was great to put the sails out and use some of that discunted energy.  We were using both the sails and motor to get the best speed.


We saw the sunrise over Boston as we were leaving.



A cruise ship was entering the harbor as we were leaving.

IMG_4643 IMG_4645

These are working lighthouses we used while we were leaving the Boston Harbor.

After clearing the harbor we got a chance to raise the sails.


This was great with everything working.


Tammy with a big smile she is getting more and more confident as we travel.

We left Boston and went to the Cape Cod Canal.  We were in a hurry to get there with the tide taking us through.  The timing could not have been better and ht speeds to 9.2 knots.  That’s a record for us.

I don’t know who would volunteer for these gentleman’s job but it wouldn’t be either of us.IMG_4651 IMG_4652

They look like spiders up there crawling around.  Not for us!

We spent Wed. night in Mettapoisette again with Ed helping us get an anchorage.  He was awesome and again helped us out.

“Thought is the wind,
knowledge is the sail,
and mankind is the vessel”
            August Hare

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve

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