West Point through NY City and onto Oyster Bay

We got up very early Sunday morning 3:30 AM to head for NY City.

New York City on the horizon

New York City on the horizon

Our first view of New York City.



Our first close up of New York. Have you heard of Yonkers.

We realized about this time that the alternator was not charging the battery and the inside (house) battery was not being charged.  We have 2 batteries 1 is dedicated as a starting battery for the engine use only the other is the house battery that we use to run lights, instruments, and all other electrical on the boat.  We don’t have to worry about the engine battery because the diesel engine does not use electrical power like a gas engine. (no spark plugs).  However the house battery is critical for our daily use.  So we were looking for a port to stop and look at the alternator.


The costs for staying in a slip are rising so Anchor out is the preferred method now.  If we can get a mooring ball ( A floating ball that is anchored into the bottom) that is secure and safe.  We contacted 79th St Marina New York and they said we could stay for 4 hours.  They put us in a little slip that was the worst we have seen on our trip.  Then when we went to the office they told us it would be $42 to stay for 4 hours, it’s their Dock and Dine fee.  Sorry I told them no I would push off right away, so we left.  I don’t mean to be cheap but we are running on a tight budget, , and eating in New York City is not in the top of the list of needs.

Then we went down to Liberty Marina, just north of the Statue of Liberty, and they said we could stay 2 hours.  Well we were the little guy there and got diesel.  They were to busy to give us a receipt then when we wanted to plug in for the 2 hours they said we couldn’t use the electric.  Then when we tried to purchase maps the only thing they had were these map books from NY to Maine for $150.  We only need some basic maps from NY to Boston to get us through.  So we spent money on 1/2 of a Long Island Sound map for $68.  When I asked what else they had for maps they just said ” If your going north keep the land on the left side of the boat and if your headed south keep the land on your right side”.

Sorry but we quickly got a taste of NY attitude (I hope the NY Yankees never win another game.)  and left.  I suppose that’s not fair because we didn’t talk to that many people but it wasn’t good when you have a problem.  Then as you travel boat people wave and smile at each other and respect each other.  Well on the Hudson, East River and Sound that did not apply.

So we turned all power off to the house except for the GPS and Depth finder and proceeded on.  We did see some neat things.  You get a different view when you are traveling at only 6 knots.

After the fueling and leaving Liberty Marina we traveled down the Hudson and turned NE up the East River.   First we went past Ellis Island, then the Statue of Liberty.  We turned left and up the East River to go past all the NY suspension bridges.  Under the Brooklyn Bridge, the Washington Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, the Roosevelt Bridge, and several others.  We passed Roosevelt Island and  Rikers Island.  So a few pictures were in order.

Ellis Island

Ellis Island

The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty


The Battery of Bridges starting with the Brooklyn Bridge

The Battery of Bridges staring with the Brooklyn Bridge

IMG_4445 IMG_4449


We had to take a picture of the Staten Island Ferry

We had to take a picture of the Staten Island Ferry


The New york Skyline


More New York

We tried locating a slip so we could charge the battery but they were from $3.50 per foot to $4 per foot.  We have to do better than that.

It was a long day that started early 3:30 AM.  But we saw many new things and did get all the way to Oyster Bay Long Island just at sunset.


We found a mooring ball and settled in for the night.

“We can not control the wind,

But we can adjust the sails”

Ricky Skaggs

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve

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