What are we doing

It’s time to explain our plans.

Adventure will be our transportation to Florida.  We will be leaving Knife River Marina the last week of July 2014


We will be traveling what is called the Great Circle

We will be leaving Knife River, MN the end of July.

The route will be across Lake Superior to the Soo Locks then down the Saint Mary River to Lake Huron were we travel South to the St Clair River, then through Lake St Clair then The Detroit River to Lake Erie.  Traveling through Lake Erie we will enter the Erie Canal and travel to Albany NY.  We then take the Hudson River South to New York City where we will pass the Statue of Liberty.  We plan to sail up the East River and go to Boston to visit our nephews.

Then we head South to Washington, DC were we hope to visit with my brother Dale and his family.  By mid October we will travel south using the Intercoastal Waterway to Florida.  The Intercoastal Waterway is an inside route that avoids the open Ocean.  We can do this in a safe protected waters.

We will attempt to keep the blog up to date with our available WIFI usage.

Say hi or ask questions.  We are about to leave and hope to keep everyone posted as to our were-about at all time.

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