We are taking a week and headed to Hershey Pennsylvania

A week ago we left Washington DC for Hershey PA.  It was a sightseeing trip to include Civil War Battlefields, Hershey’s Chocolate World, and several Wine and Beer tasting experiences.  We stayed at a Bluegreen Resort in Hershey PA.   As it was only a two hour trip from Dale & Brandy’s home in Laural, MD we could do some sightseeing along the way.

We left on Tuesday April 28th and included a stop at Antietam Battlefield.

On Wed we went to Gettysburg.

Thursday we visited the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, PA.

Friday Dale and Brandy flew up to meet us and stayed until Sunday when we all left.

Friday after meeting Dale and Brandy we went to Troeg’s Brewery.  A microbrewery located right next to the Bluegreen resort.  How convenient!!  Followed by time in the resort pool.

Saturday was life in heaven, Chocolate Heaven that is, at Hershey’s Chocolate world.  After which we drove to a couple of wine tasting vineyards.

Sunday we all flew up to Williamsport, PA together, and had lunch.  Then they flew us back to Harrisburg and we drove back to Maryland and they flew back.  It was informative and very enjoyable.

Follow us over the next few blogs and we will show you the history, the chocolate, and some reflections from Hershey, PA.

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve

We’re on the Go Again

We have left Daytona Beach, by car, for a trip for graduations and to visit our family and our friends.

We left Daytona Beach on Thursday April 23rd initially headed for Washington DC on the first leg of the journey.  We stopped at Myrtle Beach SC for the night of the 23rd then continued on to Washington DC on Friday morning.

We arrived at about 8PM Friday at Brandy and Dale’s house in Laurel MD just outside Washington DC.  It is great visiting with them here.  Many of you may recall that we stopped here as we sailed south in “Adventure”.  It is great getting back together with them and we will be staying here for a few days then going up to Hershey PA were they will be flying to to spend time with us before we all return to their home in Laurel, MD.

Saturday we spent time running errands in the morning then on Saturday night we all went to our nephew and his family Matt, Sheila, and Griffin, in Arlington, VA.  When we arrived at their home our nephew Joshua was there to greet us.

After our arrival we got to test out our fist bumping and high five’s abilities with Griffin, who is 19 months old. the and we had a tour of their new home and had an opportunity to try several different types of beers.  Then they prepared an awesome roast beef dinner with potatoes.  Because we have no oven in “Adventure” we don’t have much opportunity for a meal that requires baking. Sheila topped it off with a wonderful Cream Pie.  Something we don’t do for just the two of us it topped off the meal wonderfully.

That was fun and interesting.  Some great family time.  Thank you for the invite Matt, Sheila and Griffin.


“Living The Dream”

Steve & Tammy

Jackie Robinson Field in Daytona Beach and Flea Markets

One of the things I was looking forward to, in Daytona Beach, was watching a little baseball this spring.

Across the street from our slip is a baseball field.  It is the Jackie Robinson baseball field.  It is were the Chicago Cubs have held their spring training for many years.  When I first arrived I thought how convenient that would be to just walk across the street to watch the Cubs in spring training.  Unfortunately I learned that, the Cubs had recently signed with a new stadium in North Carolina.

I am not sure who will be playing at the field yet but I hope that another team will sign up for spring training at the Jackie Robinson field so I can watch the pro spring training.  However I do look forward to the convenience of any baseball field that close to us.

IMG_6178 IMG_6177

IMG_6176 IMG_6175

Jackie Robinson was such a great player so it is exciting being that close to his Jackie Robinsons field.

It is also handy that in the park behind the field, every Saturday, morning there is a farmers Market.  One of the great advantages to living in Florida is the year round access to fresh fruit and vegetables.  Then once a month they add a large Flea Market to the area.  Great availability in a great place.

IMG_6185 IMG_6184 IMG_6183 IMG_6182 IMG_6181

IMG_6180 IMG_6179

Lots of people and beautiful weather.  We are happy to be in Daytona Beach Florida, but we are happy to come home to see all our family and friends.

We are headed for Mankato on Saturday.

famous sailing quotes Joshua Slocum, sailing pictures, slocum quotes


“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve


Family Time in DC

Saturday November 1st we planned on working on the boat.  Dale and I were was going out then Brandy and Tammy were going to follow us then help me climb the mast.

Unfortunately it was raining so Dale and I stayed at the boat and did some other projects on board.  The ladies got some shopping done.  The good news was Tam had time to make a triple batch of the best Kalua for us to take with us.  Brandy gave us a great recipe, but we are sworn to secrecy so don’t ask us about it.

But Dale and I  got several things done on the boat.

Then on Sunday we helped our nephew Josh move into his new apartment.  He was just beaming about the new found independence.  It is walking distance to his work and Georgetown University.  As he hopes to go to Georgetown for his doctorate degree starting next year it will be very convenient for him.

After we got back Brandy showed us how to bottle her “Montague Cellars” wine.


Brandy is filling the bottles

I think Tammy had the most fun corking the bottles!

IMG_1181 IMG_1182 IMG_1187




Brandy was a pro and got ahead of us

That was fun and interesting.  Thanks Brandy for a new experience.

We also found a letter from our nephew Matt Swanson.  He informed us that he had a new assignment.  So he moved to Arlington, VA with his wife Sheila and son Griffin.  Well that was close enough to hook up with them on our last night in Washington.  They came over and Dale grilled some T-bone steaks.  What a great night.  We had a chance to catch up on everything that is going on with them before we left.

All and all a great chance for family to get together.

Thank you Dale & Brandy for your great hospitality it has been a highlight of our trip.

The best of luck to Matt, Sheila, and Griffin in their new home and job.

Good luck to Josh.  Enjoy your new found independence and all the great opportunities that are ahead of you.

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve


A great visit with our daughter Beth in Radford, VA

On Monday Dale and Brandy let us barrow their car and we drove to Radford, VA. to see our daughter Beth, who is attending college in Radford.

We were so excited to see her and have the opportunity to spend a few days with her.

We arrived Monday at about 3:30 PM and had a great time visiting with her that night.


Beth and her cat Nikita


Tuesday she took us out for a drive in the morning.  Radford is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains and it was just beautiful there.

The trees in the mountains are changing to the fall colors.  It is truly a wonder to see them colors painted on those mountains.   We went to Gent Park for lunch and some nice views.


Some children were at the park on a class outing.

IMG_5194 IMG_5203 IMG_5208

At the park they a brook that went past it

.IMG_5206 IMG_5205

They also had a pond that they have weddings around.


A nice reflection in the water.

A couple of family pictures.


Beth & Tam


Tam & me

Then on Wed morning, before we left we went up the Blur Ridge Parkway.  It was raining and the clouds were hanging on the mountains.  Truly natures heaven.

IMG_5289 IMG_5288 IMG_5287 IMG_5282

These hills are where Dirty Dancing was filmed.  We went to the “Lodge” that the movie was filmed at and you could sense the Movies heartbeat.


The Lodge


The Lodge from the mountain


The Pavilion that a lot of the dancing took place in

IMG_5277 IMG_5268 IMG_5275

As we were going back down the mountain we stopped and grabbed a few more family photo’s.


Beth & Tam



IMG_5298 IMG_5296

Tam & me in a couple of shots with the mountains in the background.

We also went by this covered bridge.

IMG_5256 IMG_5250

When I see some of the rock formations I think of our friend Bruce back in Mankato.  He collects stones and would show us the beauty in them.  These are bigger and not as pretty but it is awesome when you see what God has created even in the beauty of the stones in the earth.

It’s difficult to see in the picture but the lines running through the stone is a kaleidoscope of color

Unfortunately the time was to short and we had to head back Wed afternoon.

We are now back in Laurel, MD with Brandy and Dale and getting ready to continue the Adventure on Saturday or Sunday based on the “tides: again.  We will go to the boat shortly and work on “Adventure” to get ready to go.

Our inspirational quote of the week... "Dream higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean" #quote #landnsand www.landnsand.co.za

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve


Our visit with Dale & Brandy and Oktoberfest “A Special Post to our Dear Friends at Centenary United Methodist Church”

We have been visiting Dale & Brandy since the 19th of October.

They had Oktoberfest at Brandy’s church today and she invited us to go with her.  Well they asked us to help serve the breakfast and dinner at the church.  So Deja Vu strikes.


Tammy, Steve & Brandy in the serving line serving pulled pork, Cole slaw and potato chips.


The local Chik Fi let cow with Tammy & Steve


My brother Dale pitched in and helped as well


Dale & Tammy at the Bazaar



Brandy and the “Kitchen Manager” Theresa

. IMG_5111 IMG_5109 IMG_5108 IMG_5105 IMG_5103 IMG_5102

and a few pics of the Bazaar

OK so we are back to working in a church kitchen!

We loved it and more wonderful new friends.

Besides that it has been stocking up Adventure and getting the new anchor installed.

IMG_5093 IMG_5092 IMG_5091 IMG_5086 IMG_5085

We will be heading over to Beth’s in Radford, VA on Monday.  We are anxious to see her.



 “Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve

Staying on the Magothy River

We have a slip at the Atlantic Resort Marina on the Magothy River.

IMG_5067 IMG_5071 IMG_5077


Everyone here is getting their boats ready for winter.

I don’t understand why they are pulling there boats out and shrink wrapping them.  They could continue using them just a little cold.  Here the water doesn’t even get hard, so they could use them year round.

Shortly after we arrived we had a knock on the boat and there was Brandy my brother Dale’s wife, there to pick us up.


Brandy Swanson, what a wonderful sight to welcome us to Washington.

They have provided a place for us to stop until we are ready to continue the journey to Florida.


Brandy and Dale



Tammy & Brandy



They started out grilling steaks for us on the first night.  Cooked to perfection and the best company we could ask for.  They also gave us some of their homemade Kahlua and we now have a passion for it.  Brandy is going to show us how to make it tonight.

They are letting us use their car while they are at work.

We went to the boat and picked up the Genoa.  We have started putting a UV edging on it to extend it’s life now that it is out in the sun all the time.

IMG_5080 IMG_5084 IMG_5083 IMG_5082

We have to do it in a large area in order to move it around while we are sewing it up.  Tammy has to help with the sewing it is so large it takes up 1/2 of Dale & Brandy’s back yard.   The blue edging is what we are putting on.

We will spend the next couple of days here and while they are at work we will have projects to work on for Adventure.

Traveling manifesto. Take the plunge.

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve