Studio of Paul Baliker~Inside look

As we continue inside of the studio of Paul Baliker, the amazement and incredible works great you as you walk through the door. When you first walk in it almost takes your breath away.  Inside his studio, Paul has more fabulous wood sculptures but he also has paintings and bronze works as well. Although you may n0t see everything inside his studio today, by the time we complete the Paul Baliker series, we will have shown you everything we have seen.  There is just so much to see, we could simply not do it justice with showing you bits & pieces.


A table with whales. A whale tail coming out of the table top


Osprey with a fish


How many birds can you name?

There is a pelican, great blue heron, cormorant, & an egret.  Did you notice me in the picture?  How Paul takes just a piece of drift wood and finds all of this beauty in it.



Fish under glass, table


Fish chair


Fish chair


How does he do that??!!


Dolphins and a turtle






He was working on this piece. Evolution?

Not many words today.  Baliker’s works leave a person almost speechless.  Steve & I asked Paul, how do you know what to make?  Paul kind of laughed and shook his head and said, after doing this for 35 years, I just see it in the wood.  All we can say is, it is truly incredible!!

If you are interested in checking out his studio on line, here is his info:



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Steve & Tammy

Mind Blowing Wood Carvings by Paul Baliker

We introduced you to Paul Baliker a couple of blogs ago.  We were so interested and excited by what we saw that on Saturday we traveled to Paul Balikers Studio on the Palm Coast, 40 miles north of Daytona Beach.

IMG_7524 IMG_7525

We will start with his business card, for anyone interested in more information.  The web site is phone 386-446-0069.


His works run the range of single simple woodcarvings, (for those in Minnesota it does not incorporate bears chainsawed out of trees), to many intricate designs with many elements carved into a large single piece of work.  From wood carvings to bronze pieces.

We took many pictures and feel we need to do several blogs to truly do his work justice, so this will be one of multiple blogs on his works.

Starting at the entrance the size and scope of several of his works capture such imagination and creativity that we will begin by focusing on them today.


This piece greets everyone outside his gate.  Not only does he have the carving but he incorporates it into God’s creation and blends them together.

In this one he starts with the tree trunk and includes the roots.  How many carvings can you see incorporated into the sculptures.  We will give you several photo’s to look at.





Now take your time and look closely.  A hint Some are on the back of the sculpture.  We have several more defining photo’s next.  We thought of adding the others tomorrow but we will give you all the photo’s we have of this sculpture today.


see the fish?


Angle fish, seal, & squid


seal head & squid


fish, octopus tentacles & penguin


fish, turtle & sting ray


fish & octopus


fish, dolphin & octopus. the “tear” on the octopus is a tiny fish.


fish & penguin


fish & octopus


humpback whale & seal


Dolphin & fish




Fish, turtle, & sting ray


Fish & octopus


Dolphin & fish






Fish,otter, penguin, & Tammy

This is just one of his sculptures outside before you enter his studio. We will continue tomorrow.  Come along with us for another scavenger hunt.

“Living The Dream”

Steve & Tammy

Wood carvings around Daytona Beach

As we walked down Beach Street about 2-3 blocks from the marina there is an art gallery that has wood carving in the front windows. They are so cool! It’s amazing how the artist can take a chunk of wood and make something incredible out of it.  His name is Baliker. We found out that he has a studio/gallery in Flagler Beach.  We made a trip to his studio one Sunday afternoon, but being too late in the afternoon it was closing as we arrived. So we will have to have another field trip another weekend.


Elephant~ Art Gallery on Beach St


Dolphin~Art Gallery on Beach Street


Fish~Art Gallery on Beach Street


Pelican~Volusia County Public Library

On our first trip to the local library about 4 blocks from us, we walked in and saw this Pelican also carved by Baliker.

One Saturday Morning we went to breakfast with our friends Matt & Rita.  Walked into the restaurant and all around us was wonderful works by Baliker.

IMG_6881 IMG_6884 IMG_6887 IMG_6890

Steve & I will take you along when we take our field trip. Until then we will keep looking for the wood carvings of Baliker!

“Living The Dream”

Steve & Tammy

Thank you Stuart

I just re-blogged from Stuart M Perkins.  When you get down on the blog just press the “View Original” button and it will provide the entire blog.

I have re-blogged from Stuart before.  I thank him for being able to put into words my feelings with a certain introspective.  This blog as I read it truly relates to Tam & my decision to cut the lines to everyday and sail away.  This story goes back a few years and to just a few days.  We have been fortunate to be living in this dream for over 5 months (with a month spent with family and friends).  As he spoke of the nature he has seen I would have to add many more to our list.  From the Dolphin families that we have had swimming around “Adventure” to the whale, and the many Bald Eagles, Egrets, and Pelicans, plus so many sunsets, sunrises.  So much of nature we have enjoyed and have enjoyed sharing with all of you.

But also are the friends we have met and shared those experiences with.  Oh what a joy it is.  I say “is” because it will continue as long as we are Living The Dream.

If you enjoyed Stuarts insightful commentary I would suggest looking at his blog and perhaps following it.  An Email from him is much more enjoyable than the sales pitches from all those adds that pummel our inbox.

Thank you again Stuart!

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Where are we going? A change of plans.

Today Tam and I were discussing our destination of Marathon FL.

We wanted to go to Marathon because of the beautiful water, mild temperatures, and easy access to the coral reefs.

After a great deal of discussion we have changes our destination.  The new destination is Daytona Beach.

The first reason was the price.  A slip in Daytona Beach is 30% less than one located in Marathon.  The second was we have been traveling since July 30th and frankly would like to find a home.  The next reason is accessibility, we can get to almost anywhere in Florida from Daytona Beach.  Then lastly when we were traveling through Florida last in 2013 we found Daytona Beach was readily accessible  with everything we wanted.

In 2013 we went to Daytona Beach and spent a week.  Here are a few of the things we saw that made us want to return.


Tam loves Manatees. It is difficult to see them in these pictures but they are there.



Daytona Beach is one of the few that you can drive on.


Pelicans cruising past our condo. They are so very graceful. They use the air currents like an Eagle and soar. We enjoy watching them skim the water as we travel. Then they climb up to about 100 feet and dive straight down to the water to grab a fish. Making a large splash as they enter the water. An interesting dive when you realize their mouth is open to catch the fish.


Sandcastles on the beach.

We have already set up our reservations and will be arriving the first part of December.  We went to the parks, shore, and a flee market that was huge while we were there in 2013.

Full moon over the sea. Featured on BBL:

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   Tammy & Steve

What are they catching

Through out our travels we have had to pass floats that are attached to some form of fishing.  Many times they have been so numerous as to be dangerous.  Especially in rough seas.

Today as we were getting ready to anchor out here north of Savannah, GA on the ICW.  A boat with 2 fishermen were going up the waterway pulling those floats up and emptying them.  We got anchored and I waited for them to approach a float that was next to our boat.

IMG_5823 IMG_5825

When they stopped I asked them what they were catching.  They informed me it was crab’s.  I asked them how much they got for them.  They said $1.50 to $2.00 per pound.  They said that was a good price and very profitable.

I wished then for two things, cash in my my pocket (I only have credit cards), and a knowledge of and equipment to fix them.  When we get to our destination I plan on making friends of any local fisherman and try to purchase my seafood direct.  It is so good fresh.

One of the interesting things is the flocks of birds that follow them around.  They discard the bait back into the water and the birds fight over it.

IMG_5821 IMG_5828

There are a lot of pelicans and seagulls chasing the fishermen.

It is a way of life and an interesting people study.

In high tide or in low tide I'll be by your side alpha Xi delta sorority craft big little reveal canvas

“Living The Dream”

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