We have now traveled 3000 miles on Adventure and arrived in Georgetown SC on the ICW

Ho ray we have now traveled 3000 miles on Adventure.  I mentioned 2981 miles yesterday so I thought I should make a  current status that we have now arrived at 3000 miles.

I asked Tam whether she would do it again knowing what we have been through to get here.  Her answer was a definite yes.  I would say the same thing.  We have grown closer over those 3000 miles and gotten to know each other better than through anything else we might have done.  We love being together every moment we share.  That alone has made the trip a huge success.  But to reach this level of sharing is awesome.   Would I recommend it to everyone would be a no.  There are a lot of reasons to consider before taking this step but we are so happy we made it.

Tam I love you.

Now for a general rundown of the last few days.

We took a picture of the last bridge we had to pass in North Carolina.  We are now in South Carolina.



The fishing trawlers were out early as usual and most of them take real pride in maintaining there vessels.

IMG_5676 (2) IMG_5676

As we were traveling past this boat we felt required to take pictures of the skull and crossbones this morning.  This to our grandsons Will, Brandon, and Cooper.  In the spirit of their adventures.


Tam and I felt the color scheme was a little bright for us.


Every house seems required to have a rooftop deck (at least the expensive ones), We were trying to figure id there was an elevator up to the deck or just stairs.


This one had a cascading waterfall in front. A little extra zing.


Finally we have the one with the sprinklers running, in November. Eat your hearts out Minnesota.


The ICW doesn’t have a lot of light houses because it is a canal, but we did see this one when we arrived in South Carolina.

Short today as the canal is sort of repetitious.  Lots of Golf courses with golfers still swinging away.

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve