I Love You Mom

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It has been a very difficult week for us.

My mother after 88 years passed away on January 6th at 11 PM.  She had suffered for almost 20 years with Alzheimer s disease.  She no longer really could recognize anyone but she still had a smile for anyone that stopped by with a smile for her.

What a wonderful wife, mother,  grandmother, and great grandmother she was.  Of 9 siblings only one other remains in her family.

She had 7 children and she loved all of us.  It truly was a family guided by her love.  When we saw all of those that came to the funeral it was easy to see how many people she loved and how they loved her.  She was a great giver.  Always taking care of the needy.   She would bake all day long then take everything she made to the homeless children in need.

So many people came and talked of how much she loved everyone.  God will have a special place for her I’m sure.  She didn’t spend time thinking of herself but of everyone else.

It is impossible to say the words that this loss has had on me and so many others.

Thank you mom, I love you and you will be greatly missed.  I know there is a special place, with God, for you now.

Mom and dad were inseparable.  They were married for 66 years and I remember always seeing them holding hands.  What a remarkable woman, and a remarkable life.  so much love, so much loved.