A Beautifyl Day on Long Island Sound

When we woke in the morning the wind was whistling through the mast and it reminded us of one of those cold Minnesota Winter Blizzards.  I think we were both afraid to get up and look outside.  After the heavy seas we had experienced crossing Long Island Sound we thought we were going to be sitting another day.

To our surprise the wind was blowing but not as strongly as we had thought.  The waves in the bay we were in were only about 1/2 a foot high.  So we listened to the weather forecast and they were predicting 4 to 6 foot swells again. We decided to wait another day to go on our next leg.

Someone had told us, in Oyster Bay that our Red and Green Bow lights where not on.  I went to the bow and looked at the lights.  I was surprised to see one bulb was broken and the other was full of water.  They had really taken a rough ride when we went through NY City.  I checked to make sure no damage was done in the wiring.  (Thank you Jose for teaching me how to use a voltage tester.)  It checked out fine.  Now we are looking for new bulbs for the bow lights.  Tammy spent several hours calling marinas and located nothing.

By this time it was noon and we decided to start out.  It seemed so nice in the bay we wanted to at least try the waters.  It turned out to be one of the best days in a long time.  Waves less than a foot.

A new twist for us is understanding tides and currents.  When you go against a current or tide it is like walking into a stiff headwind.   When it is going your way it is like getting a big boost.

Well we picked the perfect time to leave because the tide was traveling with us.  We usually travel at 6 knots.  To our surprise we started at 6 knots then it kept getting faster as the time passed.  Adventure was all the way up to 8.2 knots.  Our overall average was 7.1 knots and we traveled 42 miles in 6 hours.  We had left New Haven at noon and got to Fisher Island, NY in just 6 hours.

I have to put a note in here.  We were traveling east the whole time so we did not travel back to New York.  It is just that the duke of York gave Fisher Island to New York back in the 1700’s even though it was south of Connecticut.

We did locate the bulbs in Pt Judith RI, which is still east of us.  We will stop there tomorrow to get the bulbs, diesel, and hopefully do the laundry.  Then we will continue to Buzzards Bay and the Cape Cod Canal.

A few lighthouses that we saw yesterday.  They are interesting because here on the Sound they build these huge 1/2 mile to 1 mile breakwaters (Breakwaters stop the heavy waves from coming ashore or into bays) out into the Sound.  You have to be careful because they build them straight out.


This one was on the west end

IMG_4487 - Copy

This on the East end

These two were on a long breakwater in Nianic Bay.

When we arrived at Fisher Island this one was on an Island off the Island.  I think it is the most elaborate lighthouse we have seen.  It is very large, has a wind generator, solar panels, and a green house on the island with it.


I don’t think I have seen one as spread out and large as this one.

When we were anchoring the boat in this bay just after setting the anchor we saw something floating in the water.  To our surprise it was a jellyfish (we don’t know what kind) and Tammy managed to get a couple of good shots of it.


It was pretty but something you don’t touch or swim with.

IMG_4498 IMG_4499

It was alive and moving along.

“Don’t just sit there. Sail Something!”

                                Chery Fee

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve