Where are we going? A change of plans.

Today Tam and I were discussing our destination of Marathon FL.

We wanted to go to Marathon because of the beautiful water, mild temperatures, and easy access to the coral reefs.

After a great deal of discussion we have changes our destination.  The new destination is Daytona Beach.

The first reason was the price.  A slip in Daytona Beach is 30% less than one located in Marathon.  The second was we have been traveling since July 30th and frankly would like to find a home.  The next reason is accessibility, we can get to almost anywhere in Florida from Daytona Beach.  Then lastly when we were traveling through Florida last in 2013 we found Daytona Beach was readily accessible  with everything we wanted.

In 2013 we went to Daytona Beach and spent a week.  Here are a few of the things we saw that made us want to return.


Tam loves Manatees. It is difficult to see them in these pictures but they are there.



Daytona Beach is one of the few that you can drive on.


Pelicans cruising past our condo. They are so very graceful. They use the air currents like an Eagle and soar. We enjoy watching them skim the water as we travel. Then they climb up to about 100 feet and dive straight down to the water to grab a fish. Making a large splash as they enter the water. An interesting dive when you realize their mouth is open to catch the fish.


Sandcastles on the beach.

We have already set up our reservations and will be arriving the first part of December.  We went to the parks, shore, and a flee market that was huge while we were there in 2013.

Full moon over the sea. Featured on BBL: http://beachblissliving.com/susan-branch-marthas-vineyard/

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve