Winthrup MA

Our evenings we have been able to spend some time with Jared and Julie.  Their home is so nice and warm.  The things they have done are really homey.  I encourage anyone to go to there blog and look at what they have done.  They are full of smiles and enthusiasm, it has been so much fun spending time with them and getting to know them.  So Monday we enjoyed pizza that was good but didn’t hold a candle to Julie’s Soup and salad on Tuesday night.  Salad with spinach, goat cheese, pumpkin seeds it was so good.  Then she made a tomatoes, bean, and carrot soup.  The tomatoes were   from her moms garden and Julies special wild tomato plant from her backyard.  Sorry folks no pictures just fantastic taste!

Last night we went to the yacht club and met Julies parents Rene and Karen Chouinard for supper.    They were so warm and friendly it was really fun talking with them.  Rene and Karen helped quite a bit through Julie and Jared’s home remodel process.

Rene worked with the yacht club to get space here for us.  Thank you Rene it has a great is place to stay and the people have been so friendly and helpful.  We went out and showed them the boat after supper.  I took a few pictures of the view of Boston from our spot on the transient dock.


Downtown Boston sorry the picture doesn’t do it justice.

So a special Thank you Jared, Julie, Rene, and Karen for a wonderful evening and a beautiful place to stay.

We have been very busy getting “Adventure” ready to install the Halyard lines, (Lines that go to the top of the mast then raise and lower the sails.) adding a 3rd battery to the electrical system, and getting the alternator running.  Jared has been letting us use his car to get around and get all the items we need.

So the rundown is the alternator is at Beach Alternator & Generator.  They tested it an told us it will cost about $100 to get it fixed.  I thought very reasonable.  We purchased a battery and some wood.  Raised the captains berth 1 1/2″ so the third battery now fits and is working very well.  The Halyard lines will go in today with me climbing the mast and running them through the mast and repairing the wind instruments that were damaged when we stepped the mast in Castleton.

So I have to get busy with the halyard preparation.

I’m going to steal a Quote from Julie’s blog.  It says so much, please enjoy.


“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve