Tam’s daredevil act

It was one of those times were you are so scared you don’t know what to do but when it’s over you go “My God you did that”, and wished you had the video cam going so it could go viral.

I will try to give it Justice with only words.

I will start off after we finished the strut repair.  We asked for additional time at the slip so we could clean Adventure and ourselves up.  They said it was OK but they had a large group on there way in and would need the slip shortly.

After cleaning ourselves and Adventure up then putting everything away, we got ready to leave.  Before we left the Mark & Diane Doyle came in on their beautiful Power Catamaran, and parked next to us.

They authored five books that we have.  On The Water Chart Guides, (Cruising Guide, Anchor Guides, Electronic Charting, Managing the Waterway).  They are guides to sailing the ICW.  Very in depth information about anchoring, marina’s, facilities, and warnings on the ICW.  It is the ICW bible of what, were, and how on the ICW and we have used it every step of the way through the ICW.  It has been our guide.  We were so excited to actually meet them.


Tammy is going over Diane & Mark Doyle’s books as I am writing this. She is planning the next legs of our journey down the ICW.


So we were preparing to leave and I started the engine.  Tammy got out to let the lines off and we planned to let the boat swing out with the current but didn’t realize how strong the current was.  1.5 knot current pushing an 11,000 pound boat is truly powerful.  So I got out to hold lines and told Tammy to get in.


She hesitated just a bit and the boat started to get away from me.  I yelled to “GET ON”.  Unfortunately she did not have a good grip or position to get a hold of.  The boat moved away from the dock and I was trying with all my might to hold onto the dock line.  Tam only had hold of the safety line at the top.  She lost her footing with her right foot and it went into the water, but she managed to keep her left leg hooked over the ledge of the boat.


I heard Mark exclaim “She’s going into the water”.

Then with super strength and agility she pulled herself up to get her right foot onto the bottom ledge and pulled herself out and up to the boat.  She then swung herself over the safety lines and into the boat.  After what I had witnessed from her I thought she would just leap them!  She ran to the cockpit and got the boat under control.  WOW was I impressed.

Kyle the dock hand came over and grabbed the dock lines and helped get the boat back under control.

Meanwhile Mark was on their boat giving us guidance on what to do.  Thank you Mark we do appreciate it and only the embarassmant could be more humiliating.

Tammy motored it back in so I could jump on.

We got everything clear and headed out.

They say you never foul it up when you are alone but when people are watching that’s when you really foul it up.

The absolute worst departure from a dock we have ever made.  A wife with unknown super abilities that saved the day and we do it in front of Mark & Diane Doyle, whom we think so much of and didn’t want to look like totally incompetant boaters.

Mark & Diane I want to copyright this story so every time you tell it or if ever you print it you must pay us a royalty.  What else would you do with the “worst launch ever”.

“Land was created to provide a place for boats to visit.” –

      Brooks Atkinson

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve