Twilight Motel in Daytona Beach Christmas Decorations

The Holiday Season is upon us.  Every year, in Mankato MN where we lived we would go through Sibley Park and look at all the decorations.  People from all walks would help to decorate.  Many would decorate a Christmas Tree that they would sponsor.  Others gave of their time and helped to decorate the park.  I do not remember how many hours went into it nor the number of lights they had strung.  But it was always beautiful and we would drive through the park and enjoy them.  Many people would walk through to get the better view.

Before that we had neighborhoods that decorate the boulevards, Mary Lane in North Mankato and Broad Street in Mankato.  It was difficult for just a few people to keep up, so they faded away.  Now they have turned into community events.

I’m sorry but I was not of the hearty, enjoy the cold, type.  It seemed the temperature was down in the low teens and it was mighty cold.  Those brave souls that enjoyed that I tip my hat in respect to you.

We have however moved down to a warmer climate and were introduced to the fact that not only the northerners that enjoyed the cold and snow enjoy Christmas, Lights and Decorations.

Our friends Sarah and George took us to the Twilight Motel, to see their decorations.  As I listened to Sarah and many of the children there, with their oohs, aahs, and that’s pretty.  I realized that the spirit of Christmas is universal and lives in the hearts of all people, throughout the world and only needs to be awakened.

So put on some Christmas Music and listen to it while I present a photo rendition of the Twilight Motel Christmas.

IMG_6140 IMG_6139 IMG_6137 IMG_6136 IMG_6130 IMG_6129 IMG_6128 IMG_6127 IMG_6120 IMG_6118 IMG_6117 IMG_6115 IMG_6112 IMG_6111 IMG_6109 IMG_6103 IMG_6100 IMG_6095 IMG_6092 IMG_6090 IMG_6086 IMG_6084

Wait there is more!

IMG_6121 IMG_6126 IMG_6127 IMG_6128 IMG_6129 IMG_6130 IMG_6131 IMG_6136 IMG_6137 IMG_6138 IMG_6149 IMG_6150 IMG_6151 IMG_6152 IMG_6153 IMG_6154 IMG_6155 IMG_6156 IMG_6157 IMG_6162

I wanted to add this one for our grandson Cooper, who loves Tow Mater.

IMG_6158 IMG_6159

The one with flash does not have the Christmas lighting but shows more accurately what we saw.

As Tam loves the penguins she was willing to pose with them.


Tam with the Penquins


I added this picture as I took it thinking of those workers back in Mankato at Sibley Park who manned the event and had to try and keep warm, with snowmobile suits, ski masks, and and long underwear.  Although they had a heater here I didn’t think it that essential here as we were only wearing sweatshirts and light jackets.


We leave for Minnesota on Sunday and will be home with family and friends for Christmas.

We will keep you updated through our travels over the next month.

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve