I would like to introduce some of our old friends to our new friends on this blog

What would make two people that sold everything, bought a boat and sailed to Florida willing to come back to “”””fffrrrriiiidddggggiiiddd””” Minnesota.  I hope you better understand after today’s log.

We traveled home and went to church and had the opportunity to visit with many of our dear friends back here in Mankato, Minnesota.  We talked and laughed and caught up on what they have been up to since we left on “Adventure”.

How fortunate we are to have so many old and new friends in our lives.  They are all so dear to us and we have been so blessed to have all of you in our lives.
This will be a 2 part blog.  The first is today however I need many more photo’s to do it justice and many better photos to show our friends with better photography.On our way from Duluth we met up with our friend Dennis from the VA and he introduced us to his friend Nicole.  It was wonderful seeing the smiles on both their faces


Dennis & Nicole

George was a dear friend at the church that helped us with donuts on Sunday and Meals on Wednesday that we served at the church.













Tammy with Jo

Jo not only helped us through the tough times but looked in on my parents Ginny and Duane at the memory care unit at Cottagewood.  Thank you Jo for the caring person you are.  We love you dearly.


Marge with Tammy

Marge helped us through many of those Wednesday night dinners.

SusanSusan was always there to fill in when we were short of help.  She also made us cool Minnesota Timberwolf aprons, and a beautiful sailing embroidery. we love it.

















Marjorie was always one of the first to greet us on Sunday morning.





Paul is in charge of the Holy Grounds Program.  He serves coffee and breakfast to those after the Salvation Army closes in the morning.  Giving them a warm place, hot coffee and breakfast Monday through Saturday.  They also get access to the internet and any help that we can give them.  There are many who help him with this I just wish I could get all their pictures for the blog.













George, George Rago, and Mary serving coffee Sunday morning





George Rago has been one of those that have been so helpful on Sunday mornings getting the donuts and running for the donuts.


Jim and Bea were always in the break area when we would leave the early service. We were always so happy to see that they were there to start the morning.
















It was always a joy walking out of the first service and seeing Jim & Bea’s smiling faces.  What joy they brought us.















We hope our new friends have enjoyed meeting a few of our old friends and will want to meet more of them next week.  We will continue with more photos and stories next week.  On Friday you will be introduced to some of the family.

To all of you God Bless

      & Merry Christmas

“Living The Dream”

    Tammy & Steve


We’re in Boston!!!

We left Pt Judith, RI for Buzzards Bay, MA planning to get through the Cape Cod Canal on Friday morning.

We took a picture of the sunrise.  It was beautiful.


Yes we do get up early some day’s.  We were going to try to catch the tide through the Cape Cod Channel.  The tide through the channel can be up to 2.5 knots.  As we only move at 6 knots that means when you are with the tide you gain almost 2.5  knots or travel at 8.5 knots but against the tide it would slow us down by 2.5 knots or our speed would be 3.5 knots.  As the chanal is about 15 miles long with the tide it is less than 2 hours but against the tide it would take 4 1/2 hours.

As we left we saw this ship, the Thomas Jefferson just outside Pt Judith.  It is a NOAA (National Aeronautic and Atmospheric Administration) ship.  They are the ones responsible for putting all the charts together that we use in sailing.  IMG_4508 IMG_4510 IMG_4515

A couple of light houses


Pt Judith light house


Interesting how they have a light house dome built into the house



Light house at Mattapoisett Neck in Buzzards Bay

The goal was to get through the Cape Cod Canal and anchor out on Cape Cod Bay.  It didn’t work because when we got to the canal at 3:30 PM the tide was the wrong way for us and we would have had to wait until 7PM to enter.  Then we would have been getting through after dark.    We avoid anchoring after dark as it can get difficult to set the anchor properly.  We didn’t know what to do but we met Ed Van Keuren at Riverlink in the Erie Canal and he told us that he had yacht services at Buzzards Bay and if we needed a place to stay he would help us.  We gave Ed a call and he directed us to an anchoring location for the night.  He actually came over with his boat and showed us were to anchor at Mattapoisett Neck in Buzzards Bay.  We talked for a few minutes and he offered some guidance on getting my mast ready and the sails back on.  Thank you Ed we are so glad we met you in the canal!  Ed has circumnavigated the globe and we appreciate everything you did for us.  We have been fortunate to  meet so many great people.

We got up and on our way early the next morning so we would get through the Cape Cod Canal with the tide.  IMG_4543 IMG_4545

We saw the Kennedy ship in Buzzards Bay on Cape Cod.

Then we had a lift bridge that was down and the Canal people stopped us and we had to wait for it to lift again.


Passing under the lift bridge


The lift bridge down. It’s a railroad bridge and is only down occasionally when train traffic is coming. Poor timing on our part.


The Canal Patrol stopped us from going any further.


The Cape Cod Canal is run by the Army Corp of Engineers unlike our previous experience with the US Coast Guard


There were several fly fishermen along the canal that morning.

IMG_4569 IMG_4570 IMG_4571 IMG_4573

After leaving the canal we were on  the way to Boston.  The seas were rough with 5-7 foot rollers, making for a rough ride.  to complicate matters we spent a lot of time dodging these floats.  There have to be thousands in the bay you have to avoid with the possibility of getting them caught in the prop.  I found out they are lobster pots fishermen have set.

Then after 10 hours we arrived in Boston, MA.


Tammy at the Winthrop Yacht Club

Well actually were went to Winthrop, MA to meet with our nephew Jared and his wife Julie.  We have been following Juli’s blog about their house remodel since she started it and we were anxious to see it.

IMG_4587 IMG_4588


It was so wonderful to see them.  It is Sunday morning and we are now getting ready to go see them.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.

 So throw off the bow lines. 

Sail away from the safe harbor. 

Catch the trade winds.”

           Mark Twain

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve