Wood Sculptures continue

Saturday afternoon Steve & I set off to find Paul Baliker’s studio.  We found it! What a trip.  On the blog yesterday we posted the first sculpture, it had all kinds of different sea life finds in it.  It reminded us of one of those hidden pictures that you had to find different creatures inside the picture.  We are staying out side, looking at a few of Paul Baliker’s works.


It seems the wood was already shaped into a body and all it needed was a face.



Mother earth? Mother nature? Tree spirit?






The great heron



The great heron




Wind dancers


We hope you have enjoyed the Baliker works out side of his studio. We still have a lot more to show you, stay with us!!



  “Living The Dream”

Steve & Tammy

Thank you Stuart

I just re-blogged from Stuart M Perkins.  When you get down on the blog just press the “View Original” button and it will provide the entire blog.

I have re-blogged from Stuart before.  I thank him for being able to put into words my feelings with a certain introspective.  This blog as I read it truly relates to Tam & my decision to cut the lines to everyday and sail away.  This story goes back a few years and to just a few days.  We have been fortunate to be living in this dream for over 5 months (with a month spent with family and friends).  As he spoke of the nature he has seen I would have to add many more to our list.  From the Dolphin families that we have had swimming around “Adventure” to the whale, and the many Bald Eagles, Egrets, and Pelicans, plus so many sunsets, sunrises.  So much of nature we have enjoyed and have enjoyed sharing with all of you.

But also are the friends we have met and shared those experiences with.  Oh what a joy it is.  I say “is” because it will continue as long as we are Living The Dream.

If you enjoyed Stuarts insightful commentary I would suggest looking at his blog and perhaps following it.  An Email from him is much more enjoyable than the sales pitches from all those adds that pummel our inbox.

Thank you again Stuart!

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“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve


The Last Leg of the Journey to Daytona and our new home in Halifax Marina

On the last leg of our journey down the ICW we passed along many parks and forests that the boaters would pull there boats up to the shore and camp or picnic.  The birds were beautiful and shores sandy.

IMG_5895 IMG_5896 IMG_5897 IMG_5901 IMG_5902

We have seen many Bald Eagles through this trip.  They seem to be all along the ICW.

IMG_5903 IMG_5904 IMG_5905


Some people have different homes along the ICW.  Looked like an old tow boat that has been changed to a Liveaboard home that was tied up to a dock on the ICW.

IMG_5908 IMG_5910


Others are up in the sky on stilts.  This one had an interesting appearance.

One of our first impressions when we arrived at the Halifax Marina and got parked just after dark was this boat decorated with lights for the Christmas boat parade.  You’ll see many more on parade night.


We felt at home but we had a battle ahead of us yet.  Adventure has a serious leak and we had to put her up on the hard.  (On jack stands)  If you remember our issue in Beauford, SC it has gotten worse and the bilge pump has been running almost constantly for the last 3 days.  Our temporary fix was temporary but we made it without sinking and have an appointment for Tuesday Dec 2nd in a DIY yard.  More about that in the next post.

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“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve

New friends in Georgia

As we travel we have to introduce you to our new friends.  This is that time for our new friends in Georgia.

On Tuesday morning the 25th we were looking for a marina to get a pump out.  Not the coolest of things to have to worry about but a necessity.  So we also were looking for a marina that we could get a few groceries as well.   Unlike most of the other states Georgia is not lined with condo’s and marina for there length.

Tam went to Mark & Diane Doyle’s book to find somewhere.  We could only find a couple without going a long way out of our way.  But she did locate one at Delegal, GA.   As is our normal practice Tam called ahead to make sure of the facilities we were looking for.  She spoke with a gentleman named Billy.  He informed us that they did have the pump out but the grocery store was a 15 min drive by car from the marina so that would not be available we would do without.

We resolved to stop for the pump out anyway.  He had to give us special directions because it was a shallow approach and unless we came at high tide we would not make it in.

After we got there Billy said they had a car coming to pick us up to get our groceries.  After the pump out he said there was no charge for it.  Normally it is $5 to $10.  What awesome people there.  Lola was there with the truck to pick us up to take us to the grocery store.  What more could you ever expect from total strangers that opened the hospitality door to us.


Billy, Tammy, and myself at Delegal

I only regret that we didn’t get Lola into the picture.  A special thank you to Billy and Lola at Delegal, GA.  If ever you are in the area stop in to see our dear friends at Delegal.  If ever we are traveling back that way you can be sure we will stop again.  The best Marina on the ICW.

A few side notes yet.  We have seen some awesome wildlife in the last few days.  I don’t think a day has passed when we haven’t seen dolphins.  Our problem with them is we are to busy watching them to take any pictures.  Also you never know where they are coming up next.  The Bald Eagles have been everywhere.

We saw this tree from a distance and it took us awhile to realize it was full of Egrets.


Thanks again Billy, Lola, and everyone at Delegal, GA.

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“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve



A Day of issues Charleston SC Wildlife and issues

Start with the issues.  We ran into a low tide and couldn’t get through.  We had to wait 2 1/2 hours for the tide to rise so we could continues.  We had hoped to get a long way today but between waiting for the tide and waiting for a swing bridge to open for us we only got 40 miles.  Not good distance however we saw some awesome wildlife.

First while we were waiting for the tide Tam saw this bald eagle.  Very majestic.

IMG_5734 IMG_5735

Then came the dolphins.  We actually saw several of them but finally got some pictures.

IMG_5738 IMG_5739 IMG_5740

Then when we anchored the boat we saw another bald eagle sitting on top of the mast of a boat next to us.  This was a young adult and he was up there preening himself.

IMG_5768 IMG_5769 IMG_5772 IMG_5774 IMG_5777 IMG_5779

So an interesting wildlife day.

Then comes the bad news.  Yesterday while going through Charleston the boat started vibrating badly.  It happened while we were in gear.  The sump pump started running frequently.  We checked the drive train area and saw water coming from the place were the strut hand been repaired last year.

The issue was manageable with the sump operating so we motored down the ICW 2 miles,until we located an anchorage and threw the hook.  After we anchored I went below and checked the strut repair.  When I grabbed the 2 forward bolts they came out.  I believe they sheared from when we had issues with the line going through the prop the other day.  So now we had water shooting up 3 inches, like a fountain, out of those holes then running to the bilge.  The first good news was the sump pump was keeping up with the flow of water.  Well the other day when we went into Georgetown to get the new alternator belt we also picked up a couple of 3/8″ hex cap bolts.  I thought I would replace the alternator bolts as well.  However they did not fit so I set them aside.   Well yesterday they were over sized for the hole but they cross threaded and created a very tight fitting bolt.  I used both of them and the leak stopped.  The water stopped running and the sump pump did not go off all night long.  Some one was looking after us because what were the chances of buying just the right bolts the day before I needed them.   Thank you Lord.

We will test out the bolts and see if that they continue working and hopefully we will be able to find stainless steel ones and replace them with stainless.   For now we will continue our journey.  I wish we were close to Point Judith because Don could get us what we need.  Hi Don, Ann, and Tim.

Well we had better get going next blog will Saturday.

“Living The Dream”

   “Sometimes the Nightmare”

      Tammy & Steve



Rappahannock River VA to Deltasville VA

We left the Rappahannock River with the planned destination of Norfolk VA.  Norfolk is the start of the ICW (Inter coastal Waterway).  Unfortunately  the weather was bad with rough seas and rain.

IMG_5383 IMG_5381

We don’t usually see 5 or 6 commercial fisherman working the same area, but when we were leaving the Rappahanoock we were surprised to see 8 of them.  It was raining so it was difficult to get good pictures.

We had to get fuel to continue so we pulled into Deltaville VA.  When we got there the seas were very rough and it was pouring rain.  So we decided to stop and put the anchor out.

IMG_5385 IMG_5384

As we were leaving the fuel dock and headed out Tam saw these Bald Eagles nesting not 150′ from the boat.  She managed to get a couple of good shots before they took off.

After listening to the weather forecast we determined to stay put until Saturday.  The forecast included heavy rain and winds of 25 to 30 knots with gusts to 35 knots.  That is to rough for us.  Once the winds get to 20 knots with gusts over that we don’t take the risk.  We are not in a hurry so it takes a little longer.  We used the time to work on the Bimini/Dodger, change oil, and work on making a special mooring line.  Working on the boat is a never ending project.  But I have to admit I do enjoy it a lot.

We were up before sunrise so we could get a good day in.

IMG_5389 IMG_5388 IMG_5387

We got a few good pictures of the sunrise today.

We want to reach the ICW today and anchor there for tonight to begin the official last leg to Florida.  We are both excited to get past the cold.  It was 37 degrees here this morning.  Too cold for our likes.

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“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve