Sails Up and Full

Earlier this week I was excited because our neighbor Matt asked if  I wanted to go out sailing Adventure.  We haven’t had Adventure out since we got into the slip back in December.  Prior to that it was just motoring with the occasional time with the Genoa out.  We didn’t feel comfortable raising the mainsail.

So I was quick to say yes.  Matt has been sailing many years and said he would teach me what Adventure can do.  What a thrill.

We departed the Halifax marina and we put the sails up as soon as we got into the channel.  He surprised me when he turned the engine off and it got quiet.  Adventure was truly in her element.  She was gliding through the water and the wind was blowing with us.  She jumped up to 8.2 knots just with the wind.  We had the tide with us to give us an extra boost.  What an exhilarating  feeling.

We didn’t know it but Rita, Matts wife, and Tam had gotten into the car and drove down to take pictures of Adventure with her sails out.  It’s hard to get pictures of  Adventure when you are on her and we haven’t got any with both sails out.  So here are some pictures of the sail.


Adventure with both sails up and full







Adventure was showing her speed that day.  She demonstrated the reason we enjoy this sailors life.

Mat took the helm while I was raising the mansail

Matt took the helm while I was raising the mainsail

We sailed it down the ICW to the Daytona Beach inlet to the Ocean.  Then we spent an hour just sailing out on the Ocean then brought her home just at dusk.

View of Daytona beach from Adventure

View of Daytona Beach from Adventure

IMG_6568 IMG_6569 IMG_6566

A few shots while we were still in the ICW.

While we were out there Matt helped me learn how to handle Adventure’s sails.  A rewarding day trip.

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve



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