We  have arrived in Daytona Beach, Florida.  We are located at the Halifax Marina in Daytona Beach.

I will update the blog later today with our current information, to include photo’s and agenda.

We suffered a serious setback 2 days ago with the strut leaking very badly.  It kept us busy  keeping ourselves afloat and trying to get here.  We made it about 3:30 Sunday afternoon.  We made contact with our friends George and Sarah.   We have an appointment on Tuesday morning to have Adventure taken out of the water and we’ll get our first real look at the strut prop shaft and prop.  Then we’ll know to what extent the damage is and get an idea as to the costs.

The good news is we have put the last of the fuel into Adventure until we go someplace.  No plans to travel until July of 2015 though so that will be a savings.

Sorry this is so brief but we have to make some arrangements.

I will update later today.

4 thoughts on “WE’RE HOME

  1. Well done! Good luck with the repairs. Keep up the good work! P

    • Thank you, We’ll know tomorrow what the situation is. Will post updates sometime tomorrow.

      • Dale/Barbara Flo

        Glad you made it to Florida, will that be your permanent home or is just for this summer. Thanks for sending news of your travels, very interesting, look forward to more. Stay safe.

  2. Yes we will be here for the next 6 months. We signed a lease with the Halifax Marina here in Daytona Beach that goes until July. We will be traveling in tis area for a while but plan to continue to the Florida Keys then on to the Caribean. Tam says she wants to see all the Saints, ( Saint Barthélemy (13); Saint Kitts-and-Nevis (20); Saint Lucia (17); Saint Martin (8); Saint Vincent-and-the-Grenadines ,
    Sorry for the slow reply but the first week was hectic because of a hole in the boat bottom caused by the propeller shaft strut. I posted that to the blog. Then we had the computer in for service with some nasty Malware that got into the system. We are up and running again so will be posting on Monday’s and Fridays from now on so the blog will continue just not quite as frequent. We will be home for Christmas for from Dec 14th to Jan 1st.
    How have you been? Have you been doing any traveling lately?

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