From There to Here A look back

We are looking at the final leg of our journey to the Florida Keys.

So we did some calculating and came up with some interesting statistics.

We left Minnesota on July 30th 2014 with a destination of the Florida Keys in our sites.  Thus far we have been on the road 109 days.  Most of them travel days but a couple of great stops to see family but a few down days for weather, but also some serious maintenance days.

We have traveled a total of 2981 miles.  For an average of 27.35 miles per day.  Doesn’t seem like a lot per day until you see that 2981 mile total.  Today we will pass 3000 miles.  How awesome is that in a boat that does 6 knots on the high end.

We have traveled through or by 15 states.

We have lived on Adventure for over 100 days.  Our only needs have been fuel, a grocery store every week or so and a laundromat every 2 weeks.  It is hard to realize how far we have come, how much we have seen, and how much we have done.  I realize now how much of an “Adventure” it has been and how we truly are Living The Dream.

Today I made 2 wrong turns and we had to backtrack but as usual we found our way.

Tam realized one of her dreams today when she saw her second pod of Dolphins swimming past us.

We had the sails up again for almost half of the day.  The wind was favorable and it gave us extra distance and speed.

Simple look back blog today.  We celebrate this opportunity and wish to share it with our family, friends, and new friends.  Thank you for joining us on this blog to travel “Adventure” with us.

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve


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