Bright Creek North Carolina to Mile Hammock NC

We were very excited on Wednesday a couple of great things occurred.  First the wind came up and matched our travel direction.  Frequently the wind be on our noses or non existent,  Those are motor only days.  It defeats the purpose of a sailboat.  It is a true joy to have the sails out and the wind blowing in our direction.  That was Wednesday.  We still partially motor but when the wind pushes us up to 7 plus knots it is awesome.  We convoyed with a fellow sailor that is cruising his boat down to Myrtle Beach NC.  His name is Curt and he is moving his boat to Myrtle Beach South Carolina, were he will pick it up in January after he and his wife retire.  It is a beautiful boat, an Island Packet 38.  We visited him and saw it, a very nice boat that he has put a great deal work into.  After they retire they are sailing it down to Daytona Beach.  It would be nice to hook up with him again when they get down there.


The sail is out and we are traveling at 7 knots. Happiness!


Curts boat, an Island Packet 38. A beautiful Boat.


Tam had to take a picture when the sun came out.


The sail was out almost all day. A wonderful ride.


The colored strings on the sail are so you can determine your trim. The bottom green one is stuck but both the top green and red ones are straight back. That means the sail is in trim and you have the best wind in your sail.




When Tam first saw the shore she thought it had snowed, but no those are white sand beaches.


There are a lot of pelicans here. They are so graceful they just glide across the top of the water. UNLESS they see a fish in which case they

IMG_5616 IMG_5617

Dive into the water making a huge splash. I know it’s hard to see in these pictures but it is really wild the way they dive in.  The interesting part is they don’t miss the fish either.

We came up to a swing bridge.  Its really neat watching them swing open.  Sometimes they open just on the houur or 1/2 hour and that can slow us down quite a bit.  We timed this one just right though and got right through.


IMG_5609 IMG_5607

At this point we felt it necessary to point out that there are certain names you do not “give a BOAT”  This happens to be one of them.


IMG_5602 IMG_5597

IMG_5582 IMG_5580

Then you have the colorful house.


We have now reached far enough south to see “PALM TREES”  So, of course we had to post a few pictures of some of them.  You will probably be seeing more of them as we get farther south.

IMG_5572 IMG_5559

We were up early and saw these fishing trawlers at work. They were gathering there nets in from the morning fishing.


Helicopter flying over us. Tam asked me what kind it was but I’m sorry it is to new for me.

We stopped at Mile Hammock,  It was located just outside Camp Lejeune North Carolina. This was the first time we dove below deck after throwing the anchor.  It was after dark and every mosquito still alive in the world was there waiting for us.  I actually felt sorry for the guys serving there.

IMG_5584 IMG_5614

this brought to mind two musical groups.

Flock of Seagulls and when ever I see a pink house i always think of John Cougar Mellencamp’s “Pink Houses”

“Living the Dream”

  Steve & Tammy 




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