Our First Full Day on the ICW



We anchored out in Norfolk VA.  There was quite a group of sail boats anchored with us.  The marina in the background wanted $1.75 per foot for a slip or $89.50 per night.  That is out of the budget so anchor it was.  When we first parked, there were 4 boats in the anchorage but by the time everyone was in there were 10 0f us squeezed in there.


We couldn’t figure out what this ship did but saw one similar on the East River in NY City. Any ideas we would appreciate them.

We got off early the next morning and saw many more ships.  Anyone that can identify them to us that would be great.  Mostly Navy ships but a few ships being loaded or unloaded. IMG_5448 IMG_5450 IMG_5451 IMG_5452 IMG_5453 IMG_5455 IMG_5458 IMG_5457 IMG_5461 IMG_5460

We saw a couple of Aircraft Carriers one had the number 69 on it the other was 75.  Again anyone know?  Give us a comment on them.


When we saw this anchor we thought “Adventure” would be pointed straight down if it was ours.

We saw a couple of Barges side by side unloading.  Notice the depth of the one being unloaded versus the one waiting to be unloaded.


It was interesting watching the cranes loading and unloading the ships.

IMG_5473 IMG_5472

When we started out in the morning we didn’t know it but we had 3 bridges to pass and 1 lock yesterday.  That slowed us down because they were timed openings.  They would open only on the hour or the half hour.  It created a line up of boats and by the time we got past them.  It was sort of like a parade when we all started going through.

IMG_5481 IMG_5479 IMG_5478 IMG_5477

One thing they do show is the clearance of bridges at different tides.  They just have them marked at the bottom and as the tide rises and falls you can see what the clearance is.

IMG_5462 IMG_5464 IMG_5465 IMG_5466

This was a huge bridge that they just finished.  No problem clearing it, but is was a long winding bridge.

IMG_5503 IMG_5501 IMG_5500 IMG_5499 IMG_5498

It was a day for Bald Eagles. They are so beautiful.  Thank you to those that had the wisdom to put them on the endangered species list and make it illegal to harm them.  Tam has a sharp eye and caught 2 of them yesterday.

So I occupied myself with a hat contest.  Natures hats.  As we were going through a narrow part I realized the trees that had fallen down had recycled and plants were growing out of the tops of them.  So, which tree had the prettiest hat on yesterday?  Comments are welcomed?

IMG_5497 IMG_5496 IMG_5495 IMG_5494 IMG_5493 IMG_5492 IMG_5491 IMG_5490 IMG_5486 IMG_5487 IMG_5485 IMG_5484

Everything from small plant to full sized trees.


This was an old wooden boat we passed going through the ICW. Just a neat looking boat.

Before I get through the day I’ll have to explain some drama and excitement that happened yesterday.

It began when we were following the channel map we went aground.  Not good as we were stuck.  A boat came by and we flagged them down and asked them if they could pull us off.  They reluctantly agrees so we tossed them a rope.  Well they did tow us off but after they did they threw the rope back at us and took off.  Well they threw it and it went through the prop!  Not good.  The engine stopped right away and after learning from experience we threw the anchor out and shut the engine  down in neutral.  Then  I proceeded to change into my swimsuit for a little afternoon swim.  The water temperature was 50 degrees so it was cold.  I dove under the boat and after about 30 min got the prop untangled and the rope removed.  The water was so dark (Reminded me of Lake Washington back in Mankato, MN) I could not see 6 inches in front of myself so the entire process was done by feel.  A little daunting but we managed to get it done and back on our way again.  We checked and no damage was done.

Then as we were headed to our anchorage we saw this gorgeous sunset.

IMG_5509 IMG_5508

Because of the time I took for the swim we had to anchor after dark.  Something we really don’t normally do.

Let your dreams set sail~

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve



4 thoughts on “Our First Full Day on the ICW

  1. The ship with U.S. Navy YRBM-42 is listed on the web as one of many Navy’s non self-propelled repair, Berthing and Messing Barges.

  2. Here is what the navy said about those boats YRBM. Repair, Berthing and Messing Barges are used to provide accommodations for ships’ crews whose vessels are undergoing construction or repair. These barges are non self-propelled and contain limited shop facilities to allow ship’s force repair work.

  3. Aircraft Carrier with 75 is the Mimitz-Class USS Harry S. Truman or CVN-75. The Aircraft Carrier with 69 is none other then the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN-69. It is also a Nimitz-class. It was the 3rd one built. It was authorized by congress the same year I was born. It entered Norfolk on sept 10 for a 14 month scheduled docking and has seen action lots of times though out the years. It just returned home from duty July 3rd 2013. Check this website for CVN-69 http://www.eisenhower.navy.mil/

  4. http://www.truman.navy.mil/ is for the Truman and it’s very impressive history as well. 6 battle “e” awards!

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