A Rant About our environment

As we sail along in these waters we frequently see something floating on the water.  We are very familiar with how these floating things, tossed away by our friends, can affect our friends that live in the seas.

As we were just outside of Norfolk, VA anchored we realize how trash can affect our very precious environment.

These are items someone let go of and we plucked from the Ocean today.

IMG_5406 IMG_5405 

Simple balloons cast away.  But capable of killing our aquatic friends.  They deflate and look like a lure we would use in fishing.  Colorful and wiggly.  We scooped them out of the water outside the James River.  I know that won’t apply to all of our readers but everyone has a responsibility to OUR environment.  So please consider what you discard and how.  Discarded plastic and latex are devastating to our aquatic friends.

These balloons have the ability to kill whales, dolphins, and turtles who can mistake them for food.  They cause intestinal blockages that can kill.

Help us keep “Living The Dream” and take care of our planet.

“Living The Dream” still

   Tammy & Steve

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