Family Time in DC

Saturday November 1st we planned on working on the boat.  Dale and I were was going out then Brandy and Tammy were going to follow us then help me climb the mast.

Unfortunately it was raining so Dale and I stayed at the boat and did some other projects on board.  The ladies got some shopping done.  The good news was Tam had time to make a triple batch of the best Kalua for us to take with us.  Brandy gave us a great recipe, but we are sworn to secrecy so don’t ask us about it.

But Dale and I  got several things done on the boat.

Then on Sunday we helped our nephew Josh move into his new apartment.  He was just beaming about the new found independence.  It is walking distance to his work and Georgetown University.  As he hopes to go to Georgetown for his doctorate degree starting next year it will be very convenient for him.

After we got back Brandy showed us how to bottle her “Montague Cellars” wine.


Brandy is filling the bottles

I think Tammy had the most fun corking the bottles!

IMG_1181 IMG_1182 IMG_1187




Brandy was a pro and got ahead of us

That was fun and interesting.  Thanks Brandy for a new experience.

We also found a letter from our nephew Matt Swanson.  He informed us that he had a new assignment.  So he moved to Arlington, VA with his wife Sheila and son Griffin.  Well that was close enough to hook up with them on our last night in Washington.  They came over and Dale grilled some T-bone steaks.  What a great night.  We had a chance to catch up on everything that is going on with them before we left.

All and all a great chance for family to get together.

Thank you Dale & Brandy for your great hospitality it has been a highlight of our trip.

The best of luck to Matt, Sheila, and Griffin in their new home and job.

Good luck to Josh.  Enjoy your new found independence and all the great opportunities that are ahead of you.

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve


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