Our visit with Dale & Brandy and Oktoberfest “A Special Post to our Dear Friends at Centenary United Methodist Church”

We have been visiting Dale & Brandy since the 19th of October.

They had Oktoberfest at Brandy’s church today and she invited us to go with her.  Well they asked us to help serve the breakfast and dinner at the church.  So Deja Vu strikes.


Tammy, Steve & Brandy in the serving line serving pulled pork, Cole slaw and potato chips.


The local Chik Fi let cow with Tammy & Steve


My brother Dale pitched in and helped as well


Dale & Tammy at the Bazaar



Brandy and the “Kitchen Manager” Theresa

. IMG_5111 IMG_5109 IMG_5108 IMG_5105 IMG_5103 IMG_5102

and a few pics of the Bazaar

OK so we are back to working in a church kitchen!

We loved it and more wonderful new friends.

Besides that it has been stocking up Adventure and getting the new anchor installed.

IMG_5093 IMG_5092 IMG_5091 IMG_5086 IMG_5085

We will be heading over to Beth’s in Radford, VA on Monday.  We are anxious to see her.



 “Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve

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