Cape May NJ

Leaving Cape May we came up the Delaware River.  Unfortunately when we got to our anchor location we did not have internet service so the blog is a little behind.

We wanted to show you a few of the light houses that are actually in the middle of the bay.  They mark shoals (shallow water or gravel that may run a few miles.


The Lighthouse at the Miah Maull Shoal it is about 5 miles long and is as shallow as 3 feet. Kinda hard on the keel and in the middle of the Delaware Bay.


Elbow Cross Ledge Marker


Ship John Shoal Lighthouse

All three of these lighthouses are in the middle of the River/Bay and failure to heed will get you in trouble as they mark shoal as shallow as 3 feet.

We traveled through the Cape May canal which was smooth and comfortable.  However when we reached the other side we ran into 4 to 5 foot waves, as we headed upriver.  Fortunately we caught the tide correctly and then the wind and waves went down.  So we were doing as much as 8 knots coming upriver and averaged 6.4 knots.  Very good average speed.

I put the line out the line out and caught another Bluefish.  Bigger than the other ones from 2 days before.  So it was fish supper again.  It is one of the best fish I’ve tasted, very close to Walleye.

We anchored out just a little north of a nuclear power plant.


It was interesting how the steam was reflected off the water.

Unfortunately we had trouble bring the anchor up yesterday and lost it.  We came to Delaware City to get the other anchor spliced on to the anchor line.  But it gave us a chance to get laundry done so we took advantage of it.

We are looking for somewhere to park Adventure while we go to Dale & Brandy’s the spend time with Beth.  It looks like everywhere is going to expensive to leave Adventure while we visit.  I’m not sure what we will do.  They want $70 to $105  to out her in a slip per day.  Wow we could stay in a nice hotel for that.  Anchoring out is free but if we could get a reasonable price for a mooring ball that would work as well.  We will continue to search for a location.

We try to leave this afternoon for the C&D canal and take it with the tide.

Bruce I saw this and thought of you.  We’ve been exploring but have found no beautiful stones, just beautiful memories.

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve

One thought on “Cape May NJ

  1. You just don’t have luck when it comes to anchors. The one that bent really bad to now losing one. Well maybe for Christmas the family can buy you guys a few anchors. 🙂 Althou, at least you can say they have held and you did not have to worry about dragging an anchor! Now that I think about it…. Dragging an anchor could cast way more then losing an anchor and you also know which anchors are working the best for your boat.

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