Waiting for the Weather to Clear

Yesterday and today are weather day’s.  The wind is blowing at 15 to 25 knots and it has been raining/drizzling for 2 days now.  We would like to make the next leg, with our new fuel tank, a calm one with the sails up.  8 foot swells are not in that plan.  So nothing new for today.  We’ll see what we can do for tomorrow.  It’s suppose to clear up and and be sunny and in the 60’s.  Better than the lower 50’s we’ve been having.

The weather forecast is much better tomorrow and we will try to get on the way again.

We did get a ride into town and back with Elisa my fishing coach and lobster cook.  Maybe I can catch a fish big enough to eat today.  I think we need to get a pot big enough to steam lobster and a fry pan large enough to fry some fish.  (If I ever catch one!)


Elisa the owner operator Gooseberry Bait Shop

We needed some 1 lb propane tanks or we go on dry food rations soon.  We also saw some Halloween candy and picked up a couple of bags. Candy is a rare item on the boat and we splurged a little.  Not that we really need the candy.

I also got out the sewing machine and made 3 new fender covers.  We lost one fender and cover at Winthrop, MA and just a cover back on Lake Erie.  So we put the old fenders back into service and put covers on all of them.

Today I think the project will be making curtains for the windows.  It shouldn’t be to difficult.  We’ll see.

I also got a little rewiring done.  Adventure has to lines into her but we only get to plug one in most of the time.  I moved the heater air conditioner power over to the regular line so we could use the heat or air conditioner at night as well as charge the battery all at the same time.  The good news is it is working well and we have not blown any circuit breakers.  We also left the refrigeration on all night on battery power and only used 5% of the battery.  Thanks to the new battery.  That means we don’t have to turn the refrigerator off any more.

Well that’s the update for today.

“A ship at harbor is safe,

but that’s not what sips are for”

We will stay safe.

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve”

One thought on “Waiting for the Weather to Clear

  1. Stay warm this weekend.

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