Fuel Tank is operational now on hold for the weather

I wanted to show you the pictures of the finished fuel tank.  All labor provided by Tammy & Steve with some guidance.


The finished product, nice and clean and ready to go.


It did require some high tech baseboard to support it.

We need to make a special thank you to Don the manager of the Point Judith Marina.  He provided encouragement, expertise, and a great value through the entire process.


Thank you Don

We wanted to introduce you to our early morning neighbors.


These are our neighbors when we woke up yesterday morning


This is what our neighbors were having for breakfast. This one is small about 5 inches across. I also catch them up to about a foot across. When I am after my bait they grab the sinkers and won’t let go.

I also wanted to introduce you to the real crew of the “Black Pearl”.  Mark claims to have been into the Black Pearl before all the movie stuff.


Mark is the Black Pearl’s Captain


This is Mark Jr the first mate swabbing the deck. I think he doesn’t mind sailing on the Black Pearl


This is the Black Pearl. She is a 52 foot cruising and fishing vessel.



Elisa has been our fishing instructor and Lobster cook.  She provided the instructions on catching the bait, stringing the line, and equipment we would need.  She also cooked our Lobsters.  2 whole lobsters for $20 cooked and on their deck.  We sorta splurged after the fuel tank was installed and the engine was running.

I hope to actually catch a fish in the next couple of days.


A house in the bay here. They must really like light houses.

The weather is rough today and there are small craft warnings out with winds up to 25 knots.   So we are planning on tucking into a cove upstream from were we are now and anchoring out while we wait for it to blow by.  We hope to get to Washington DC by the 6th or 7th.  But the weather will be instrumental in the time frame.

What an adventure it has been.  More new friends and “Adventure’s”.

This saying is from some Authors we met in Chicago at the Strictly Sail Boat show last January.  They have circumnavigated the globe 3 times and built their first boat in 1970.   The saying is appropriate for our recent situation.  They are considered the original modern day cruisers.  Their boat has no engine and is made of wood.

“If you can’t repair it,

maybe it shouldn’t be on board”

     Lin & Larry Pardey

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve

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