Work in Winthrop

Thursday and Friday were work days on Adventure.  Thursday morning Tammy and I spent getting ready for my climbing the mast that afternoon.  We were changing out some of the running rigging.  (Running rigging are the working, moving lines that you use to adjust or raise the sails.)  The old halyards were to old and showing serious signs of wear.  We purchased new halyard lines and planned to replace all of them.  I had to cut a hole in the mast so we could put a new line through the mast and add an extra halyard.  We also needed to replace the an-nanometer (Wind speed indicator) cups that were broken in the Troy lock and realign the wind vain at the top of the mast.

So it was important and we were very focused on getting everything right the first time.  I do not want to travel up the mast unless absolutely needed.  We called Jared and he came over at about 4:00 PM and was the safety guide along with Tam.  We used the web climbers (steps made from webbing) to climb the mast.  The good news is we got everything taken care of in one trip up.  So the lines have been replaced and all instruments are now operational.

With that we were ready to install the sails on Friday.  Tam and I worked in a wind but got the Mainsail and Genoa up and ready for travel again.  So hopefully we will have a good wind and we can spend some time actually sailing.  On Friday afternoon we made it to a grocery store to restock the cupboards.

On Saturday we had family time and went with Jared and Julie to meet Jeremy and Laura Jared’s brother and sister-in law.  We also got to meet the youngest member of the family Zeke.


Laura, Jeremy, and Zeke

Zeke is already stealing hearts

Zeke is already stealing hearts


Zeke charming Great Aunt Tammy


The family together Julie, Jared, Laura, Zeke, Jeremy, and Tammy gathered together for breakfast.


Julie and Jared

It was a great time and so wonderful seeing, talking, and just spending some time catching up with everyone.

Julie and Jared were celebrating Julie’s birthday.  Jeremy, Laura, and Zeke were headed to another birthday party so we all headed out and Tam and I were making preparations to leave on Monday.

We went to Harbor Freight and picked up a small generator to recharge the batteries if we don’t have access to electrical again.  It was only $130 and they gave us a 2 year warranty.  Hopefully we can save the cost of the generator by using it instead of running the diesel engine and have the Alternator charge it.


Me installing the new generator

We also picked up the repaired alternator and I will be installing that this morning plus getting the outboard on the dinghy running.

There are good ships and wood ships,

Ships that sail by the sea,

but the best ships are friendships,

may they always be

       Irish Proverb

   We miss all our friends,

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve




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