Leaving Castleton

The plan was to step the mast (put it back up) yesterday.  That done we ran into an issue with our Genoa Lines (Genoa the big sail in the front of the boat).  The Halyard (Rope that you pull a sail up with) got stuck at the top of the mast.  Apparently it jumped it’s pulley and got fouled up.  So we are going to push on with the motor until we can fond a safe way of getting it straightened out.

But the mast is up and we are going to continue to Boston on the engine only.  We will be looking for somewhere to stop and get it fixed.


IMG_4112 IMG_4119


This one was only 50 feet from us when he went by.  Everything below the ship rail looked totally rusted out but everything above was clean and freshly panted.  They need longer arms when they paint so they can reach down the outside.  Also it has one of those cool lifeboats on the back (like the one in the movie Capt Phillips.

IMG_4131 IMG_4139

Now you see Adventure with the mast back up.  We are headed out as soon as we can get it all ready.  Probably 10:00 AM our time.  Also the Dinghy is blown up and ready for the trip.  (William notice the seat is on it.)

Speaking of the dinghy it now has a name.  Thank you to all who made suggestions.  The decision was difficult with so many great suggestions.  The 3rd runner up was Tiny from our Granddaughter Quinn, 2nd runner up was Freedom from our son in law Emmett Nelson, and the winner was Escape from our daughter in law Paige Swanson.

Thank you to all that contributed.  We really appreciate all those who follow us on this journey.

Two people are out sailing when suddenly a hand appears in the sea.  “What’s this” asks the skipper.  “It looks as if someone is drowning”

“No explained his crew”It’s just a little wave”.

“Living The Dream

   Tammy & Steve


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