The Flight of Five and out of the Erie Canal

After we left Amsterdam we still had 10 more locks to go through.  They were much the same except what they call the Flight of Five.  It starts at the 6th lock and goes through Lock number 2.  It’s five locks within about 2 miles.  It’s the greatest elevation change in the shortest distance of anywhere in the world.  The drop is 166 feet in less than 2 miles.  So it was very rapid changes.  Then when you come out of lock 2 you are at Waterford NY and officially out of the Erie Canal.  The remaining Lock # 1 is on the Hudson River at Troy NY.

We are staying at the Waterford Welcome Center to get ready to restep the mast.  We took a taxi to West Marine and Walmart to get some items we have run out of.  Provisioning has become a bit of a problem because of lack of availability to good stores.

A real advantage yesterday was the Waterford had a farmers market here at the welcome center.  We had the opportunity to get some really fresh vegetables a fruit.  Tammy was excited when she found some fantastic sweetcorn and I was happy with the fresh tomatoes.  So last night we indulged with corn on the cob and bacon tomato sandwiches.

IMG_3971 IMG_3975 IMG_3978 IMG_3983 IMG_3986 IMG_3990


Fresh Veggies and Peaches just picked. What a feast.

OK gotta show one more booth.  I’m not sure whether they were free or not but I had to keep Tammy going when we saw the cages with baby kittens in them.  No adoption!!!!!

IMG_3980 IMG_3982



A beautiful finish to a beautiful day.

So we will remain in Waterford NY through today Labor Day and get the mast ready to step again.

Hopefully we will get laundry done the mast rewired and choose a name for our dinghy.  I know we have been occupied with so many other things but it is at the top of the list.  We need to give her a name before we relaunch her at the same time we step the mast.

I have been cautioned about my jokes.  They are not serious so bear with me as I try to find (age, family, friend) appropriate jokes.


Nervous first timer to skipper. “Do yachts like this sink very often?”.
“No, usually it’s only once!”

So Smile that’s what it’s all about when you are

“Living the Dream”

   Tammy & Steve



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