The Erie Canal Lock 19 to Amsterdam NY

I wanted to explain a little more about the Erie Canal today.  Today we traveled through Lock 19 through Lock 11.  That is the most we have done before in one day.


Tammy is up front with the boat hook preparing to catch the lines we hold onto as the water is lowered in the lock.


This is Lock 19 that we entered after, the water has been drained. If you look high up on the wall you can see the waterline.

We have been lowered about 42 feet. It is the highest Lock on the Erie Canal. These are the gates closed behind us.


this is the wall in front of us being lifted so we can leave the lock.


This is the wall as we push off the opposite wall and prepare to go out of the lock.


This is as we are motoring out of the lock.

It was a good day that ended at the Riverside Marina in Amsterdam NY.  It is a nice park unfortunately the trains have been going by 150′ from the boat and they have to blow there horn as they go by.  Not much quiet last night.

We met some other travelers last night here at the landing.  One of them was Ed Van Keuren who owns a marina in Buzzards Bay, MA.  He worked with me on understanding tides and currents, that I will have to know for the trip up to Boston and then South to Florida.  I really appreciate the help.  He also helped me plan the route from NY city to Boston.

He invited us to stop at Buzzards Bay and I think that will be part of our return from Boston trip.

IMG_3939 IMG_3941 - Copy IMG_3943 - Copy

A very nice marina but OH SO Loud.


A man fell overboard from his little sailboat, and was thrashing around in the water when another boat pulled up.
“Jump in, we’ll save you” – they screamed.
“No” cried the drowning man, “God will save me”.
The scene was repeated twice more and then a helicopter hovered over the man.
“We came to rescue you” yelled the pilot.
“No, God will save me” was the response again.
The man drowned, and as he crossed the Pearly Gates, he ran straight to Jesus.
“I placed my faith in You, and You let me drown?!
“”Hey!” said Jesus. “I sent three boats and a helicopter”.


“Living The Dream”

    Tammy & Steve

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