Across Lake Oneida and on to Lock 19

We started in Brewerton and went to Ess-Kay marina, because some people suggested that they had great prices on maps.   They did and we picked up the maps for Intercoastal Waterway and The Hudson River to Boston.  We’ll be needing those maps in a bit.  They were at very good prices.  But that also meant we got off a little late.

The big item up today was crossing Lake Oneida.  It is 20 miles wide and the water is shallow, most 20 to 40 feet.  This means big waves with any kind of wind.  So we got going as soon as we could.  It got progressively rougher as we crossed with the wind behind us the waves built up to 4 feet.  I’m glad we left when we did because it got worse as the day went on.  The crossing went really well and the water was not nearly as bad as people were saying.  We were happy to see the Sylvan Beach Light House.


Before we crossed the lake we saw this house and thought it was different with the points at the top.


We ran out of GPS chart maps yesterday so we need to locate a marina were we can get electronic charts for the East Coast.  We need to locate a good marina or a West Marine store.

We ran out of the nice parks with free or cheap, tie us and electricity, and restroom so we pulled up on the wall at lock 19.

Just pulling in we saw the double boats and Tammy thought they looked like papa and baby boats.


What do you think?

“Living The Dream”

   Tammy & Steve


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