From Palymera to Baldwinsville and some new friends.

IMG_3741 IMG_3742 IMG_3744 IMG_3758 IMG_3759 IMG_3760 IMG_3761 IMG_3847 IMG_3848

The views along the way are very diverse from the broken down dock to the ok dock to the super neat dock.  Some haven’t been used in years (at least I wouldn’t step on them.)  to others that look like party town.


The lock house


Waiting for the gate to open


The lock house up closer

IMG_3780 IMG_3782 IMG_3783 IMG_3784 IMG_3785 IMG_3786 IMG_3787 IMG_3788 IMG_3789 IMG_3791


This group shows the gate opening for us to enter the lock



IMG_3792 IMG_3793

A boat that ws behind us in the lock.

IMG_3795 IMG_3797 IMG_3798 IMG_3803 IMG_3804 IMG_3806 IMG_3808

Tammy holding us off the wall with the boat hook and holding onto the rope as we go down so we stay put in the lock.  I’m at the stern of the boat doing the same thing.  The gentleman in the bottom picture is the Lockmaster that runs the controls.  They usually ask how far we are going and advise the other Lockmasters that we are coming.

IMG_3837 IMG_3838

This is the option if you don’t use the locks.  Not very comfortable a ride and hard on the boat.

Today we met another cruising couple that sold everything and bought a boat.  The difference between them and us is they have 3 small children that they plan on home schooling.  They have a much bigger boat than us but they also plan on circumnavigating the globe right away.  We are taking it much slower.  Florida is a good start.

Till tomorrow

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.
Teach him how to fish and he will sit in a boat & drink beer all day.

“Living The Dream”

Tammy and Steve

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