Still in Brockport, NY

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We were surprised to learn that they have entertainment in the Park here.  It was the George Hogan band out of Nashville TN.  We hadn’t heard of them either but it was a country band that played Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson type music.  Not the greatest but by the crowd he is a favorite and been to Brockport before.  A nice little perk.  I enjoyed it more than Tammy.  She was busy making potato salad.

It was a busy day as we finished running the lines through the mast.  Something that is much easier with the mast down.  The wiring inside the mast was a mess so we cleaned it up and brought it up to current boat standards.  Then I put a couple of DC outlets in the V-berth, so Tam can charge her phone.

We saw these very interest canal cruisers yesterday.  I talked to the fellow about his boat.  There  are were 4 of these boats  parked along the canal wall.  But they are actually rental boats.  You rent it by the day, week or month.

IMG_3699 IMG_3698

They are called Channel Masters

A week is $3000 and it has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a full kitchen.  The place you rent them from takes you out and shows you how to operate them and even takes you through a lock so you feel comfortable operating it.

Today we will be moving on , as soon as I finish the blog this morning.


How much deeper would the ocean be if sponges didn’t grow in it?


“Living The Dream”

Tammy & Steve


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