Brockport NY

They said that we would have to pay to stay at Brockport NY.  So we almost bypassed it.   Paying for a slip at almost all marinas is something we try and avoid, as it usually runs $1.35 to $2.00 per foot per night.  Adventure is 34 feet long so it generally means $46 to $68 per night.  That is one of the reasons we try to anchor out at night because they can’t charge you to anchor, as long as you do not interfere with anyone else.  The point is when I asked Art the cost to stay in Brockport he said $15 with all amenities.  I couldn’t believe it and said I’ll stay, then when I went in to pay he said he had made a mistake and it was actually $12.  The next day we said we wanted to go to Wamart and asked if they had a cab or bus service available.  They said no then offered to drive us at no charge using their personal vehicle.  I was Wowed.


Art is a volunteer at the Brockport visitor center and met us at the docking wall.

So Sue drove us to Walmart then came back an hour later and picked us up and brought us back to the boat.  The people we have been meeting along our travels have been great and made this trip so enjoyable.


We are staying at least 2 if not 3 nights here while I work on the boat.  With the mast down I will rerun all the wiring in the mast and change out all lights to LED.  When using the Anchor there is one light that I have on at the top of the mast.  It will use about 15% of my battery for just that light overnight.  By changing it to LED we reduce the electricity by 900%.  So it will save us on battery usage significantly.

The ducks are friendly to!  As long as you feed them.


A little shorter today but things are settling more into routine.


After a terrible collision both boat owners clung to the only remaining capsized hull still floating. Boat Owner #
1) “Miraculously neither of us were hurt and I had the good fortune to be able to contact help before sinking, it must be a sign that we’re going to be best friends for a very long time.” Boat Owner # 2) “Ya know, I think your
right!” # 1) “Look over there, I think I see a bottle of rum floating. I’ll go a get it so we can celebrate our new
found friendship.” After retrieving the rum, the second sailor took it and downed a goodly amount. # 2) “Here
buddy”, as he reached to hand the bottle to the first sailor. # 1) “No thanks, I’ll just wait until the Coast Guard gets here!”

“Living the Dream”

   Tammy and Steve


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