Geneva OH official retirement day for Tam

We left Lorain OH at 6:30 yesterday morning.  The water was very rough.  We have decided that lake Erie is our least favorite lake.  It has been rougher than any other lake and been an unpleasant trip through it so far.  Hopefully it will settle down today.

The other boaters around us have been telling us that the boating on Lake Erie is poor because it is usually rough with high waves.

It was 60 Miles and took 9 hours 40 min.  We will continue up the Lake Erie coast today.  We should arrive at Erie PA tonight then on to Dunkirk PA tomorrow.  Then if on schedule we should arrive at the Erie canal on Monday evening.

We passed Cleveland OH

Cleveland OH skyline from Lake Erie

Cleveland OH skyline from Lake Erie

We stopped at Geneva State Park Marina.  The state leases out these Marina’s for someone else to operate for a profit.  So some of them can get pretty fancy and expensive.  They had the Yachts lined up along the mooring wall that came in to stay overnight.  As it is the weekend they came in to party so it was a little loud last night.Boats lined upthe other direction Boats lined up along the pier

Here they are just lined up this morning.


The office and deli at the Geneva Marina.

Information is a little slow today but will post again tomorrow.

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