Detroit to an anchorage south of Detroit.

We can’t say the trip has not had it’s moments.  When we left Milliken State Harbor we got underway and started down the Detroit River, Tammy thought the engine sounded funny and asked about it.  We opened the hatch and water was running all over down below.  I removed the steps while she drove and saw that the water cooling line had come off the engine intake and was just being pumped all over the engine.  We made an emergency stop under the Detroit suspension bridge.  The intake line had just come off and fortunately all I had to do was reattach it.  Unfortunately our emergency mooring was not totally graceful and we bent 2 of our Stanchions.  (The are what the deck safety lines travel through.

As we traveled down the Detroit river we saw these buildings on the Canadian side of the river and started discussing if they were large condominium complexes.  Then as we got closer they were huge 10,000 foot plus houses.

IMG_3376 - Copy IMG_3378 - Copy IMG_3385 IMG_3387 - Copy IMG_3389 - Copy

Just the ordinary house, what do you think?


When we anchored that night we saw the stacks for a nuclear power plant.

IMG_3400 - Copy

We finally got anchored and could get a little rest.


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