A Long Day and a Long Way

We left Harbor Beach , MI early with intentions of fueling up then continuing on.  We got there at about 11AM and decided to eat.  They had this neat little place called Mary’s Diner.  Prices were very reasonable but they served breakfast until 1PM and said lunch menu wasn’t available until then.  That seemed a bit different but the prices were very low.

Mary's Diner

Mary’s Diner

After eating we got back on Adventure and headed to Port Huron.  The Coast Guard said the entry was closed until 6PM because Power Boat races were going on. They were racing power boats, that included the cigar boats.

Cigar Boat

Cigar Boat

Another Cigar Boat

Another Cigar Boat

Just when we got there at 5:15PM they finished the races and we were able to enter the St. Clair River.  It was great on the river as we were experiencing a 2 knot current downstream, that was nice and really moved us along at about 8 knots.

We ran into an issue trying to find a place to anchor.  We look for a place that is 10 to 15 feet deep that is protected from the wind , like in a bay, with at least a 200′ clearance to allow us to swing without hitting anything or running aground.  There was nothing like that for the entire St Clair river so we had to go all the way to Lake St Clair.  Which was about 30 Miles South of Port Huron.  So it made for a very long day.  We parked Adventure in the open on Lake St Clair.  There was no bay to put her in so with the waves it was a rough night.

We traveled 92 miles total on Sunday and were driving for 16 hours and finished the day in Lake St Clair.


IMG_3347 - Copy

Another large freighter traveling through the St Clair River


We were just in Presque Isle in Lake Huron

IMG_3335 - Copy

The Lifeboat on this boat looks like the one used by “Captain Phillips” in the movie.

IMG_3307 - Copy - Copy

The Canadian Coast Guard on the Canada side of the river.

IMG_3303 - Copy - Copy

A boat moored at the sidingwith the name “Huron”

IMG_3320 - Copy - Copy

With the races they had a carnival like celebration with all the flags

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