From Tawas to Harbor Beach Michigan

We spent time organizing this morning and we took the motor off the dinghy.  We hope that not having it drag will save a little on diesel fuel to pull and maybe improve our speed.

We did see a couple of Light Houses.  The first was from quite a ways away and it was a little hazy.  This one is the Light at Pte aux Barques.  It was actually on the water with no land access to it.  It would be the first one we have seen where the lighthouse was totally seperate.  It would seem pretty desolate in severe weather.

Pte aux Barques

Pte aux Barques

Harbor Beach Lighthouse

Harbor Beach Lighthouse

We also through in a beautiful sunset

Red Sky at night

Red Sky at night

The old sailors tale “sailors delight”

We are ready to pull anchor and will post again soon.

One thought on “From Tawas to Harbor Beach Michigan

  1. To bad you didn’t take a hop across the lake and hit Caseville. That’s our harbor. With four marinas their is always a slip available. Except for Cheeseburger week. Enjoyed your posts.

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