Out of the Saint Mary River onto Lake Huron.

We stopped at De Tour Passage then left for the longest open water passage, from De Tour Passage to Presque Isle MI.  We saw a lot of freighters in the distance but did not travel on any of the standard routes that they use so they all were from a distance after we left the St Mary River.

It was a great day.  We found we could pay for day stays at De Tour Passage.  We paid $10 and we could use all there facilities for 6 hours.   Beats paying $43 to stay the night.  But we stopped and used the showers, filled up with diesel,  did laundry, and managed to get some groceries.  (Bought some horseradish cheese)  I like but Tam not so much.  Then we cast off and crossed Lake Huron, 40 miles, and arrived at Presque Isle.

A Different House

A Different House

We saw this “HOUSE” as we weere traveling out of the St Mary River.  It is actually a house I’m not sure of the details but I believe it is an old ship that they pulled up and modified to live in.


The marker Buoy for leaving the St Mary River.

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