we are in michigan

Hello everyone!

Things are going great. We have sailed or motor sailed from Duluth, MN to Michigan.  We travel 55-60 miles a day.  With a sailboat of course you can not travel as fast as a car could, so 55-60 miles takes anywhere from 12-14 hours.  The winds have not been in our favor since we left.  We put the sails out when the wind is right, sail for awhile then loose the wind. Then we lower the sails and motor again until the wind changes direction.


Steve is still doing a lot of the driving, i am getting more comfortable behind the wheel.  I am always learning something new everyday, and learning there is always something that needs to be done or could be done.

Sailing through Michigan there are a lot of different lighthouses. My family knows i love them. Here are a few that we have seen along the way.


The entry into Marquette Michigan Harbor


Leaving  the Keweenaw Waterway was this lighthouse.


Old Lighthouse at Munising,Michigan


Lighthouse complex on the entry into Grand Marias, Michgan.  Not to be confused with Grand Marias, MN

There have also been some great sights of sharing.


Dad fishing with his son in the Keweenaw Waterway.


Some old remnants of day’s gone bye.  In the Keweenaw Waterway.

Hopefully we can get a little more consistent with the posts now.

2 thoughts on “we are in michigan

  1. How has the Bimini been working for you guys so far?

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