What have we been doing?

We put Cold Watch up on the Hard on September 15th 2013.  That is when you put a boat up on Jack stands on land and store it out of the water for the winter,

The first line of work started with the DC electrical panel.   This what we started with.

Original DC Electric Panel

This is the finished product with many long cold days this winter.

New DC Electrical Panel

The next project was the A/C Electrical Panel (I would show  a before but there wasn’t any)

So this is the completed panel.

New A/C Electrical Panel

This spring we got to work on Tammy’s pet project, the name change.  As there are all sorts of rumors about changing the name and special ceremonies that must be performed we just said “to H### with it, and changed it.”

So you have the before

Old Name "Cold Watch"

The process

Repainting Stern

And we are now officially “Adventure”

Our Boat "Adventure"

We have completed several other projects but I’ll save those stories for a later day.

We would love to here some of your comments so don’t be shy!

2 thoughts on “What have we been doing?

  1. The new name looks great!

  2. I hope Neptune was pleased with the process.

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