Some well earned Thank You’s

I would like to thank several people that without their help we would not be were we are.

The first person would be my wife Tammy.  How she put up with this crazy idea I’m not sure.  But Thank You and I Love You!!!


The next would be Tom, William, and Captain Dan.  My crew through the travels of Cold Watch.  Hair raising at times calm and beautiful at times, but a true learning experience from the very beginning.  A special thank you to Captain Dan for all your knowledge of Captaining a boat and a gourmet cook besides.

IMG_1847 IMG_1583 William

Then a special thank you to Dawn and Emmett for putting up with me through the winter and Tammy and I since we moved up to Duluth.  A base of operation for us while we have been working on the boat.

Dawn Emmett

Then a thank you to all the individual’s that have helped work on the boat.  Tom, Emmett, William, Kaitlyn, and Brandon have helped get her ready for the relaunch later this week.

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