The story continues….

The boys took off from Waukegan marina.  With good weather they would make the trip from Waukegan to Duluth in 10 days give or take a day.  After we had bought the boat we needed to buy some things for the boat.  We needed a radar and a GPS system.  Radar will tell you if different ships are in your surrounding area & where they are.  GPS will give you your direction, maps and your depth.  We also bought PFD’s also known as personal floatation devices, or life jackets.  We ordered maps, not your basic road maps.  The maps laid out would take up your whole dinning room table.  These maps show you where the deep water, shallow water, rocks, and silt are.  Steve, Tom (oldest son) and Will (oldest grandson) were trying to instal the radar and the gps, now the boat is over 30 years old so the wiring that was done in the boat and the new equipment didn’t match up.  They were mounting the radar and found a cable they needed wasn’t long enough.  So they did what they could, did a temporary mount, hooked up the gps, and finally took off for Duluth. They took off from Waukegan, IL to Racine, WI where they stopped at a marina to fix the radar with the parts they needed.  They followed the coast to Milwaukee until they made it to Leland, MI and stayed overnight.  They needed gas but the gas station was already closed for the day.  In the morning with a full tank of gas and a good forecast took off again.  During that afternoon they reached the gray straits in MI.  A thunderstorm came up that afternoon.  Large waves came over the front of the boat, washing a line off the bow (front) of the boat.  The line went from the bow to where it was tied ran under the boat and through the prop(propeller) the engine stopped right away. What we didn’t know was, when the line went overboard and went through the prop it had enough torque to send the shaft through the bottom of the boat.  Now there is a hole in the bottom of the boat.  The boat was taking on water.  Without an engine they put the sails up.  The cabin (inside the boat) was ankle deep water.  The bilge pump had stopped working.  The bilg pump is a pump that when water reaches a certain point the pump should automatically pump the water out of the boat.  By this time they had made it to Mackinaw. That is at the top of Michigan’s mitten.  Steve had radioed for help, with no engine, no wind they were in trouble.  Someone from the marina was able to go out & pull them in.  With the boys safe, we had to pull the boat out of the water to take a look at how much damage had been done.  Everything was covered with our boaters insurance that we had taken out the week before.  We didn’t expect to have to use it so soon but we are sure glad we had it.  Now our boat is in Mackenaw, MI.  The boat repairs took about 4 weeks. IMG_1670 IMG_1669 They had to send our prop to Detroit, MI to straighten it.  Tom had to go back to work, a couple of guys in the office suggested to hire a captain to sail from Mackinaw to Duluth.  So that’s what we did.  After repairs were completed the boys Steve, Will & Captain Dan took off for Duluth.  Without anymore major incidences they pulled into Barkers Island on Lake Superior August 28, 2013.  We sailed it one last time that Labor Day weekend.IMG_1573 IMG_1657 IMG_1569

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